I’m just going to put this out there: I’m NEEDY!

I LOVE receiving Comments from my readers!!

It makes me feel good each and every time I see that someone has commented!  For me, sometimes it feels like I’m talking to myself :)! So when I see that my information is actually helping someone, it just motivates me even more. And sometimes I post things, and I don’t know what the heck you guys are thinking!

So, if you’re reading my blog…I’d like to ask each and every one of you to please take a moment and comment! Let me know what you’re thinking! Pick a post, any post! It can be a suggestion, a concern, a thank you, an experience, a review…you get me. This will be helpful to others as well. As others read a post I’ve written, it’s helpful to have others’ opinions or experiences to take into consideration. I’m seriously not fishing for compliments (unless they’re sincere of course :))…I just honestly want to know what you’re thinking, who my readers are, what your lives are like, etc.

And as far as suggestions go…I’m open to just about anything! If you have a suggestion…let it be known! I’m always looking to improve the look and content of my blog to make it more user friendly. You can click on “comment” at the end of every post, or you can privately contact me at couponkatarina@yahoo.com.

Thank you to all my AWESOME readers!! You keep me going!

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May 27, 201112:04 pm

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March 24, 201011:16 pm

I did great at RIte Aid, too! My Kroger trip was great with the free sponges and lots of free Snickers bars. Not sure if you had posted about it, but the regular size Snickers bars are 2/1.00 and there is a .50/2 Q from an insert making them free!


March 24, 201009:19 am

Well my comment is that I just learned how to comment within the last few days. I would read you daily through the blog but didnt' see a button where to comment back. Then one day BINGO, I accidently hit the title part. Maybe you might want to tell others like me how to comment LOL. Wonderful site ! Yes my blog queen please know that you have helpled me through this tough time with my family out of work. I only wish you could tell me how to help look for the coupons or freebies so I can give back. I'm a giver not a taker so I wish to help too. THANKS !


March 23, 201011:01 pm

It was nice meeting you at Rite Aid yesterday! Thanks for the tip about the Scotch Brite sponges at Kroger. I look forward to following your site! :)


March 23, 201011:40 pm

Hi Melissa! It was SO great meeting you! How'd you do at Rite Aid? I scored! I then headed to Kroger and scored on the sponges too! Thanks for commenting! See you around!??


March 23, 201002:55 pm

My BFF Kelly and I LOVE your site! I can't begin to tell you how much money your finds have saved both of our families! Keep doing what you're doing! We appreciate all of your efforts so much. Best, Tara