Congratulations to Margie (tcc…ing@yahoo) who won the Digital Video Camera!! 

“You have by far the best Rite Aid deals. You always seem to find how to get so much stuff for free that I never even think of. I no longer spend more than a dollar or two each week at Rite Aid OOP. My husband thanks you too.”

A HUGE thanks to everyone who entered! Stay tuned for Friday’s giveaway…Sorry, I don’t have any more video cameras laying around, but this one will be more coupon based! And I know everyone here LOVES coupons!

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April 1, 201007:25 pm

Thank you Sandy...I see that these little toddler times are flying by faster than I ever anticipated...even WITH everyone's warning. It breaks my heart! Though everyone says that's how I know it's time for another! :)


April 1, 201008:40 am

CONGRATS !!!! Also TY for having the contests. I did not enter, at my age i wanted someone with young ones to win. Glad to see that happened !! ENJOY your camera and your baby, trust me these times are precious.


March 31, 201012:39 pm

Thank you so much Katie!!...I wonder what my little one will think as I follow him around the house filming him all day. Hey, I'll need some great footage for when he gets married one day! :)