I wanted to again point your attention to the top right sidebar. There you’ll find a newly added feature called “Tip of the Day”, where I will well…feature a couponing tip each day. Self-explanatory right?

Pay close attention to it, as it will often be used in giveaways!

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March 28, 201009:24 am

i'm sorry i still dont' see it ???? Another idea for those of us who are older and just not so computer savy. Can someone also tell me how to follow a thread AFTER I have put a note up There has to be an easier way then I'm doing by scrolling down and looking and looking every time. THANKS!


March 28, 201003:59 pm

Hello Sandy! The tip of the day is located at the top right corner of my sidebar...right under my picture. I'm not sure I'm following you on the rest. When you add a comment it takes you to that post's individual page. Once you hit submit, you must hit the back button to get back to the homepage (or hit home). I'm sure this doesn't answer your question...let me know please, so I can better help you! Thanks!