I have been so busy this week, that I have not been able to make it over to Kroger yet for triple coupons! Sad, I know. I plan on getting all of my low value coupons together and heading over there this evening. Do me a favor and let me (and everyone else!) know what great deals you snagged, so I can make this trip as quick as possible with the most success. Thanks! I really appreciate it !

For all of you poor folks who don’t have this promo in your area…sorry for rubbing it in! 🙂

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March 27, 201006:07 pm

A few more. The baking cups are only 1.09 and there was a .25 coupon for them in last weeks inserts. (I think it was last week, I am not very organized yet) That makes them .39 each. The van kamp baked beans. I have a .25 coupon for them too but I couldn't find any at my kroger. If found, I imagine that would be a good deal on them too.


March 27, 201002:03 pm

Healthy Life Bread 1.89-2.00- .50Q= .39-.50 Bounty basic single rolls 1.09-25Q =.35 Superpretzel 2.99-.50Q= 1.50 Softsoap pump 1.54-.50Q(All You Mag, I think)=.04 Hope these are helpful! :)


March 27, 201012:44 pm

WOW! Thanks, Dora! I will be printing this and taking it with me today! I thought the Dole Catalina was expired...I'll have to check those out!


March 27, 201011:08 am

There are also new ecoupons on kroger website. Not sure if you know about them or not.


March 27, 201011:02 am

Katrina, I am so glad to have found your site! I visit souther savers and couponing to disney but their prices are always different than ours. I am not very good at matching up but here are a few that I found. The best one is dole canned fruit. They are 10 for 10. There were coupons in last weeks paper (I think it was last week) for .50 off two cans. So that makes it .50 for two cans. That's the cheapest I have ever paid for fruit. I got 4 oranges and two pinapple. Then when at checkout I got a cat for .50 from the oranges! Not sure if you only needed to buy 2 to get the cat or not but that made it 6 for 1.00! Betty crocker cake mix 10 for 10 and frosting 1.49. .50 coupon if you buy both and .50 ecoupons makes it 1.00 for both. Not bad. Gordon fish: 3.49 there are .40 coupon tripled makes it 2.29. Pretty good for fish. Anybody that has any of those coupons that come in the banquet dinners, they would be good to use on the triple coupons. I couldn't find the family size dinners at my kroger but the select recipe dinners are 1.29 and the coupons are .35 so that makes those .24 cents. Kroger also has recycled reynolds wrap 35 feet on sale for 1.49. Coupons from last weeks inserts .75 (mine doubles up to .99) so they were free! The new printable one that you have listed somewhere (not sure where) would also be good to use on these. It is only the 35 ones so be sure to get the right ones. Hope this helps.