REMINDER: Today is the last day for this promo! is offering 80% off, using Promo code “COOK” at checkout.

So, with the 80% code, a $25.00 certificate is ONLY $2.00!!

That’s as good as they get! Now is the time to STOCK UP!!!
Another option they are now offering is a program called “Dinner of the Month Club”. Here’s how this one works: You purchase a 12-month package with (12) $25 certificates and (1) FREE $50 certificate! Your total for all of this (using promo code COOK) is ONLY $24…that’s for $350 worth of gift certificates!! Isn’t that awesome?? Go here to enroll in the Dinner of the Month Club NOW while they’re this cheap! is a site that offers deep dining discounts. It’s so easy…just enter your zip code to find participating restaurants. Many of the participating restuarants have different offers, so pick the one that suits you best. They provide great descriptions and even menus to help you decide. Follow the instructions and once you have purchased your certificate, you can print it right away!

Worried that the restaurant might not honor your certificate? Their restaurant partners want you to be happy. After all that’s the whole point, to bring in and keep a new customer. So rest assured, they back up what they say. You have an unconditional guarantee. If something isn’t right with your certificate, just contact customer service by phone or email and they’ll take care of it right away. Obviously, they want you to come back over and over again. If you’re still not convinced, just call the restaurant ahead of time for confirmation.

If you are planning on dinner out or are planning a special occasion, then this is a great way to save! Stock up now!!

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Eric in OP (also KCJohnGalt at SD)

March 29, 201011:23 am

I did buy the Dinner Club package, but there is a better way to lock in these $2 certificates without worrying about the certificate's expiration date. I confirmed this with a customer service representative - here's part of her emailed reply to my question about gift cards: "Just so you know, the gift certificates also have no expiration and are essentially the exact same thing except that the gift certificates are in paper form and can be printed, and the gift cards are in card form and get mailed." I confirmed this on their web site - I had previously not known this. Because these 80% discounts usually occur near month's end, usually all the really desirable restaurant certificates in your local area have all been snapped up. The way to beat this is to buy your desired number of generic gift certificates at 80% off and then wait until the first of the month when all restaurants have their certificates restocked - THEN use your gift certificate to snag that restaurant you want. Best of all, your generic gift certificate never expires, so you have the option to take your sweet time and wait. I wouldn't go crazy on the number of certificates you buy this way, though, because if they ever go out of business, your certificates will be worthless. STILL, it's a great way to do it!