Well, they’re on to us!!!! Coupons.com just released this new $1.00/1 Johnson’s Baby Product coupon. But the fine print says it excludes trial sizes AND Johnson’s Buddies!!! BOO!! Guess we’ll just have to print it and save it for a sale! Any other ideas?

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Cilla M.

March 17, 201003:33 pm

Baby Powder...the stuffs not cheap! And the generic brands stink!


March 17, 201002:13 pm

Cristyn, I believe it would be listed under "personal care" if it EVER shows up again!


March 17, 201002:12 pm

Is it listed under "household"? Thanks.


March 17, 201002:09 pm

It's GONE!! I only printed it once and it is no longer showing up! I printed it from my desktop and I know I also saw it on my laptop because that's where I got the picture! It is no longer showing up on either of my computers. Strange. Perhaps they are removing the "no Buddies" part and will re-post later????? A girl can hope. I would suggest to keep trying...I will be. I'm a coupons.com stalker.


March 17, 201001:52 pm

I don't see it!


March 17, 201001:52 pm

Karen, In the past even when a Johnson's Coupon said "excludes trial size", you could still score Johnson' Buddies Bar Soap for Free b/c they are priced at around $1.00 (or less) at Walmart. I'm thinking someone over at Johnon's caught on and made sure they added that exclusion to this coupon now. :(


March 17, 201001:31 pm

Why no free buddies?

Shelley Frady

March 17, 201012:39 pm

Dang it......my 16 year old loves buddies!!Brings back childhood memories for her so I would grab'em when I had coupons, LOL. She'll be disappointed.


March 17, 201012:03 pm

Cotton Swabs...like baby Q-Tips? GREAT IDEA!


March 17, 201012:01 pm

You can still use them on the cotton swabs to make them only .38c at Target or Walmart. Not free, but still awesome.