So, for all of the readers who have left comments regarding Rite Aid’s Wellness+ Program, here’s what I know so far.

Currently, this program is only available in Buffalo NY, Greensboro NC, Harrisburg PA and San Diego CA. Even if you do NOT live in these areas, Rite Aid allows you to sign up for this program and they even mail you your wellness card about 2 weeks later. You will be allowed to print a $5/$25 coupon and bonus coupons by email. May I also say that this information was put out there months ago and perhaps has just not been updated.

Here’s where the confusion comes in: If  you have a card and the register accepts it…are you permitted to use it? My Rite Aid store accepts this (in Ohio) and even prints bonus coupons on my receipt each time I use it. My account online has already accumulated points. Seems to me like this program IS active in more areas than the 4 mentioned above. Perhaps they are waiting for the big announcement until every store is ready. I have had at least one reader recently told me that her Rite Aid registers do NOT recognize the wellness card or her coupons. The other issue is the printable coupons. They all state only valid in the 4 above mentioned areas. However, there have been SEVERAL readers that HAVE been able to use them. Although my Rite Aid accepts these with no problem, I would NEVER want to encourage you to use a coupon incorrectly. Since we’re dealing with store coupons and not trying to defraud a manufacturer per say, I am going to say that this is borderline.

The plan: It’s Sunday, and there’s nobody available at Rite Aid Corporate, but first thing tomorrow morning I plan on making a phone call and getting this all straightened out, so we’re all playing by the rules here. I will let you know as soon as I get ahold of somebody whether or not you should be using this program.

Go here to read about all of the benefits of this program.

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