Go here to receive the FREE Couponizers Smart Guide to Savings e-Book. You will need to skip through a few offers first to get to it, but then it very easily opens up into a pdf file and you can either print it out or just read it straight from you computer. I especially enjoyed reading a little bit about the history of coupons…interesting!

Here are a few other things you’ll find in this FREE guide:

• Expert couponing tips

• How to stack coupons and save

• The 16 best places to find coupons

• How to find rebates, freebies and more!


Here’s another FREE e-Book from the same company (again, just skip through offers if you want). This one is the Spring Cleaning Guide. I haven’t read through all of this one yet, but I definately have SPRING FEVER and we also want to have a yard sale this year, so I’ll have to check out that section. Here’s a list of the chapters you’ll find in this FREE e-book:

  Spring Cleaning 101
  Clean Out the Clutter
  Storing Winter Clothes
  Sell It! Yard Sale Tips
  Spring Clean Your Car
  Cleaning Products

Go here to download it and let us know in the comments section if there’s a tip we should all know about!!

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