Go here to snag Better Oats for FREE! Just click on Taste Test on the left sidebar, fill out your info and they’ll send you a coupon for FREE Oats! There store locater is not up yet, so I’m hoping to find these in my area!
(thanks, KansasCityMamas!)

Go here to request a FREE Sample of Lever 2000 Soap, this time courtesy of Costco! You do NOT have to be a Costco member to receive this freebie.
(thanks, GoodDealMama!)

Taste For Life is offering a FREE Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Sample Kit. This one is kind of a pain, because first of all you need to sign up to be a product review member, then confirm it via email, then link from here to the free sample request.
(thanks, FreebieBlogger!)

Go here to snag another FREE sample from Dove! Just fill out a short form to receive a Free sample of Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner!

Here’s a great freebie you can request for yourself and a friend! Go here to create 2 personalized luggage tags sent to you for FREE, courtesy of Royal Dutch Airlines!
My sis ordered these for me awhile back and they turned out really cute!
(thanks, Coupons4Utah!)

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