You know that feeling of excitement you get when the mailman (or woman) comes, followed by the big feeling of disappointment when you get NOTHING you signed up for? Today was one of those days for me. I received a Lego Magazine (great for my nephew, but not too exciting for me!) and a Staples Rewards check. Big Whoop! Well, if a slow mail day has go you thinking that signing up for all these freebies and sweepstakes is a waste of time, check out what great freebies one of my readers just received in the mail today!! It has definately lifted my spirits!

FREE TONGS!!! From the Kikkoman Instant win game I posted about February 1st!!

FREE Gillette Razor for texting in Spanish!! (don’t ask!)

Coupons for FREE Beech Nut Cereal and Baby Food!

Bayer Aspirin Pill Tote!

Prenexa Pregnancy Journal 
(she’s adding this and the baby food to a baby shower gift basket!!)

Now that’s what I call a good mail day!!

Many of the daily FREE Samples I have posted are still available. If you’re new around here, you may have missed out on some of these. In that case, just click on the FREEBIES category on the right sidebar and go through and see which ones you can still sign up for!

What kind of mail day are you having? Let us know in the comments section!

Love our readers
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