Go here to print a coupon for $5/$25 Rite Aid Purchase. This is a PDF, so you can print as many times as you’d like, keeping in mind that it expires 4/30.


Also, if you had previously reached your print limit on Redplum for the $5/$25 Rite Aid Purchase coupon…they have now added more prints!! I was just able to print 2 more coupons!! They do not expire until 5/31/10. If you don’t see the coupon, enter your zip code and extend your radius to 50 miles.

Don’t forget to also print your $3/$15 Rite Aid Wellness coupon from here. This coupon does not expire until 5/1/10…print it now for when the wellness program goes live on 4/18!

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April 16, 201001:31 pm

Monica, The wellness program goes live in 2 days nationwide. I'm hoping that stores with get with the program (literally!) and we won't have these problems. We'll soon see!


April 16, 201012:45 pm

has anyone else have problems with the wellness coupons not ringing up? only one out of about 4 of the wellness coupons will scan, it doesn't make sense to me. And they wont accept it unless it does scan. it's like the bar code lines are to close together and if i try to make the page 110% before i print, then part of each coupon is off the page and is not useable. It seems like rite aid should have to accept them from me since it's their fault it doesn't scan, it's not my printer....any ideas?