I’ve tried a lot of different cat litters and Arm & Hammer Clumping Cat Litter is by far my favorite…I think it’s the best one! Unfortunately, it’s usually pretty pricy too, so I was excited to find this site with up to $10.50 in coupons! Just enter your email to receive the coupons, assumably through email.

Don’t have cats? Here are some other uses for cat litter:

1. Damp Remover – Put some cat litter in old pantyhose or socks and tie them up. Put them into your tent bags, sleeping bags or even your handbags which are not in used to keep them dry and free of mold.

2. Absorb Fresh Spills – Spread a quarter-inch deep of cat litter onto fresh spills. Since it soaks up the spills successfully, it makes your job much easier to clean up.

3. Drying Agent – Put some cat litter into an air tight container and put some fresh flowers that you want to preserve into the container. Leave them and change the cat litter regularly for a couple of days until the flowers become dry up.

4. Clean Up Oil, Gasoline or Paint Spills & Stains – Pour a generous amount of cat litter onto the spills. To remove old stains, pour some solvent liquid like paint thinner onto the stain before tossing on the cat litter. Wait overnight and then clean up the spot.

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April 16, 201004:10 pm

I signed up for this a week ago and haven't gotten any email. :(