Pantene is giving away 1,000 new shampoos and conditioners today! Go here at exactly 12 noon (EST) to enter to win a set of FULL Size Shampoo & Conditioner! Choose from fine, medium-thick, curly, or color-treated!

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April 1, 201001:18 pm

I didn't have any problems, i filled in all the "blanks" and enter the security word and submit.


April 1, 201012:53 pm

FINALLY got it to go through! Grrr. Not sure it's worth it, but oh well. I tried in a different browser (wasn't working with Chrome) and it worked in Firefox. Not sure if that really made a difference or not.


April 1, 201012:32 pm

Having problems submitting entry. Getting error messages.


April 1, 201012:31 pm

I can't figure it I got it either! I guess we'll see when it either arrives or doesn't!! But, I feel good that I finally go thru!!


April 1, 201012:30 pm

tried multiple times I was able to pull page up, but when submitted, it did not work it showed errors and that I needed to enter word in security box, but, I already did, and then it was gone very frustrated


April 1, 201012:26 pm

I can get all the way through until you do the security part and it clicks off every time.


April 1, 201012:23 pm

eventually, mine said thanks for entering. Does that mean I got it? They definitely weren't prepared for the traffic!


April 1, 201012:20 pm

does this not work... it won't download the security image... ugh! i put all my information in but it would not finish through!


April 1, 201012:17 pm

mine just loaded it took forever though! oh no tracy =[ what did you put in the security box im confused with that


April 1, 201012:17 pm

too many errors on this site, Agree that Pantene should have had a better handle on site.


April 1, 201012:15 pm

Got all the way to the end, clicked submit..."website not available".


April 1, 201012:14 pm

did not work for me


April 1, 201012:13 pm

The security word should show up in a box above where you'd type it in. It didn't load on my page. The first time I did it, it showed up... but when I submitted it, the next page wouldn't load. When I tried a second time the security word didn't show up. I'm giving up. Pantene should have had a better handle on this.

April 1, 201012:11 pm

does anyone know the security word


April 1, 201012:10 pm

I cant even get the page to load...but would love some Pantene!


April 1, 201012:10 pm

Didn't work for me either!


April 1, 201012:08 pm

I'm attempting to access the website but it will not allow me... did anyone actually get the product or is everyone having the same problem?!?!


April 1, 201012:08 pm

My daughter loves Pantene

Ruth Marcavage

April 1, 201012:07 pm

I can not print out the coupon it wouldnt download for me, so what happens


April 1, 201012:07 pm

I would love pantene


April 1, 201012:06 pm

I would love some Pantene


April 1, 201012:04 pm

The page won't load... I've been trying since exactly noon eastern time. :(

Denise Benner-Hood

April 1, 201012:00 pm

I would love to have a free full size of pantene shampoo and cond. ! I have curly hair!!