I have some awesome news to share with all of you fellow Kroger-ers (that’s a word now). I have just confirmed that PARTICIPATING Kroger stores are offering TRIPLE COUPONS starting TOMORROW (Thursday) and running through Sunday, April 11th! This is for select Ohio and West Virginia Stores only.

Here’s how it works:

  • Coupons valued at $0.50 and under are tripled. So, for example if you have a $0.50 coupon, it will be tripled to $1.50!! SA-weet!!! ($0.55 Qs are the devil)
  • If your store doubles up to $0.99 (mine doesn’t) that will remain the same…anything between $0.51 and $0.99 will just double as it normally would. (lucky dogs!)
  • Coupons $1.00 or more are redeemed at face value.

If you have LOTS of low value Qs laying around…now is the time to use them and STOCK UP!!! Let us know in the comments section what FREE or CHEAP items you score!

Before heading out, make sure you call your store to confirm that they are participating in this event.

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