So, it’s the last day for Kmart Double Coupons so I wanted to remind everyone to head out for one last go at it! You can go here to check out all of my deal matchups. I went a few times and scored pretty well on deodorant, cereal, pantiliners & pads. How did you do?

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April 13, 201010:13 am

Wow! I loved doubles week! Got 25 Jumbo Packs of Pampers, 4 Right Guards, 4 Dove Deodorants, 10 tubs of Huggies Wipes, 4 A&D Diaper Rash Creams, 3 Windex, All, Softsoap Body Wash, 2 Gillette Body wash, 10 Tubes of Wet Ones and other misc. stuff that I can't remember now.... for about $90. I still have to figure out how much it would all retail for! I can't believe how much I saved!

Heather T.

April 11, 201002:04 pm

I only went once and they did tell my only once a day, its a 20 min drive but was in the town to see my sisters new baby, so its an even deal. I got dog food not free but ok, lots of juicy juice, and two boxes of cereal for $1 a piece for shredded mini wheats. I should have gone to my usual store they would have let me go more than once oh well hope they don't wait too long for the next double days.


April 11, 201011:21 am

LOVED the sale !!! Spent $122.46 had 9 orders that I was allowed to do in 2 trips. YES they let me do multiple orders on one day, one after the other and we all were laughing. PS had NEVER been to this K-Mart before they were just very nice. Here is what I scored. 15 Scrubbing Bubbles foam, 5 Fantastik spray, 4 Pedigree dog treats, 3 Loreal liqui, 1d makeup..expensive, 2 Dawn hand rewal, 1-12 pack batteries, 2 packs Gillette disposable razors, 4 Right Guard deodorants, 4 Soft Scrub total bath and bowl, 3 Snaussages dog treats, 2 Oxi clean packs, 2 Degree body mists, 5 Gillette Body washes, 2 Nivea body washes, 6 Tampax, 6 Imodium AD, 1 Neugtogena sunblock, 7 Swifter duster sprays, 10 Plege Wipes, and last but not least ......LOL ......I WON a free pack of 100 cotton balls. I was very pleased !