Being a stay-at-home mom, I try to find little ways I can supplement our income. Many of us consider saving money (by couponing) our job!! In my opinion, any money you save from couponing IS money earned! I thought I would also recap a few other ways that I make extra money (besides couponing!). None of these are going to make you rich, but if you’re looking to make/save a few extra bucks, these are a few ways with which I have had success!


I am seriously in love with Swagbucks. I think it’s one of the easiest ways to make money. You’re already doing internet searches anyway, so why not use a search engine that pays you? Here’s how it works.

Just sign up for Swagbucks. Make Swagbucks your home page so you always use it for your searches. Then, start searching! You usually earn swagbucks every few searches. And it seems, the more obscure the search, the more likely you’ll earn a swagbuck. Redeem your swagbucks for gift cards for Amazon or Starbucks (and tons more!), or put the money in your paypal account! Seriously, if you’re not using Swagbucks, you’re missing out on FREE money! There’s no obligation and no strings attached. I even downloaded the toolbar and have not had ANY problems. It’s just too easy.


Earn money to take surveys – One of my favorite Survey Companies! My Survey will email you when a survey is available. Once you make $10, you get a check!

Opinion Outpost

Take surveys – Get Amazon $$ for earning as little as $5!

Ebates and Shop-at-Home

Get cash back on your online purchases, plus $5 signing bonus. If you’re shopping online without first going through one of these site, you’re just saying NO to FREE money! ShopAtHome sends you a check once your account reaches $20. Ebates sends you a check every quarter no matter how much is in your account!

Earn money for college (or anything else) by purchasing items you probably already buy! You can also “load” electronic coupons to your Kroger and CVS loyalty cards to earn more $$.


My Points

My Points is so easy. They send you several emails per day. Click on the link to their advertiser site and you earn points, usually 5 points per email. Just open the email, click on the advertiser link and you get the points. This is something I do mindlessly as I’m watching TV. You earn more points if you sign up for their offers, but you don’t have to. They have SEVERAL rewards available, but my favorite reward is a $10 Walmart gift card for 1650 points. I feel like I’m actually putting a dent in our weekly budget, since I am going to spend $10 at Walmart anyway.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is something I have just started recently, but it is basically the same as My Points. Read the email, link to the advertiser’s site and you earn dollars. Once you get $30, you can request a check!

(I would definately suggest setting up a separate email account for MyPoints and Inbox Dollars)


I hope this information helps you earn extra cash for your family!
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