So, I just have to share this with you guys! Even though it doesn’t look like it…I’ve been gone pretty much all day. I scheduled some posts last night and did a little work first thing this morning, but then Kambell and I met some family at the zoo and that’s where we’ve been all day – had a wonderful time until we got rained out. So, we’re driving home on the Turnpike and it is raining SUPER hard to the point where I almost had to pull over because I could NOT see! I found that driving in the fast lane was my best bet because I wasn’t getting the spray from all of the semi trucks. So, I’m driving in the fast lane when all of the sudden my windshield wipers FREEZE with the left one hanging onto my side view mirror!!! How does that HAPPEN? Kambell is fast asleep, so she didn’t see my mini freak out session. Can you imagine? Driving 65 in the pouring rain with NO wipers? So I hit my brakes and my emergency lights and just pray that everyone sees me because I certainly CANNOT see them! I finally make my way over three lanes to the side of the road…can no longer feel my legs and cannot get ahold of my husband, who’s at work! In the end, my wonderful mother-in-law came to get us and we are obviously home now…safe….but WOW! That was stressful!! I think I will stay home and just blog and clip coupons and do Hello Kitty puzzles from now on. Who else has had a near death driving experience? Let’s hear it!  

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April 10, 201005:12 pm

That happened to me a few years ago going down I-94 in downtown Chicago ... with no road shoulder! It was Sunday so there was no traffic. We managed to get home to Detroit and found a recall notice in the mail box for that exact issue, so it was a free fix. It was a 98 Chevy.

Jody Everhart

April 8, 201007:26 am

Hi Katie, Thank God you made it home ok and Kambell slept through it all!


April 8, 201001:37 am

WOZERS !! That would make me a wreck for a week. Holy cow THANK GOD your all safe and home !!


April 8, 201012:12 am

Hahahaha!! Ace Ventura!!! I was totally thinking of doing that...but I am so small, I could NOT reach!


April 8, 201012:06 am

Oh girl! I have had a crazy thing like that happen to me too! I was driving down the road (going 65) and my hood flew up and shattered my windshield! It was total black out (vision of the road). I was blessed that it was summer and my window was down and I could hang my head out (Ace Ventura style, I know you are invisioning this!) and slow down. All because the hood latch wasn't secured after an oil change...scary!

Eric in OP (also KCJohnGalt at SD)

April 7, 201007:04 pm

Wow - what a lousy thing to have happen to you. I used to live in New Jersey and hated those kind of rainy days exactly for what you said - those flying semis barrelling down the highway flooding your windshield with rain. If it happens to you again, the hard rain I mean, do NOT get into the left lane for a couple of reasons - first, that's where the nutjobs screaming down the highway are and their vision is going to be compromised, as well as the stopping distance of their car when they see you. Secondly, one of them is likely to ride your bumper, forcing you over anyway. Third and most important is you're really begging for trouble because YOU won't be able to see as well, either, and you are far more likely to hydroplane and lose control of your car. Best advice - move over to the far right lane and slow down to the speed you feel comfortable with, then just grin and bear it. Far better to arrive home safe and calm than upset and a few minutes early. p.s. Glad you made it, that sounded like a harrowing nightmare.