DEAD ALREADY? Worked for me just fine right before I posted. Was I number 4,999?

Woohoo! Groupon is offering a FREE $15 credit for ANY account – even existing ones! Hurry, this is only available to the first 5,000!

(thanks Susan!)

Groupon is an excellent resource for all kinds of coupons related to entertainment, shopping and EATING! It’s a FREE service that sends you one ridiculously huge coupon each day, on the best things to eat, see, do and buy in several different citites! You can just choose your local area, or you can search an area you may be visiting soon! And in many cases, searches other cities pays off – like this one!

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April 12, 201502:41 am

thank you about your website it’s so good


December 4, 201011:03 am

I think this is very important. Thanks a lot.


December 3, 201009:51 am

Didn't work for me either


December 3, 201009:39 am

Same here, it says not valid


December 3, 201009:36 am

I meant, not valid...time for coffee!!


December 3, 201009:36 am

No valid


December 3, 201009:34 am

not valid for me also :(


December 3, 201009:33 am

it says not valid


December 3, 201009:32 am

lol, I just found it.


December 3, 201009:29 am

I can't find where it says my account, can someone tell me where it says this? I've signed in and keep missing out on this because I can't locate the silly thing. Thanks, Kim


December 3, 201009:28 am

not vaild either :(


December 3, 201009:24 am

Not valid :(


December 3, 201009:23 am

not valid, and this does NOT mean it is expired because Groupon tells you "expired offer" if it is

Angeline Walker

December 3, 201009:22 am

Not valid...)o:


December 3, 201009:22 am

I tried entering the $15.00 gift card code on Groupon twice. Both times I was told it was not valid.


December 3, 201009:19 am

No valid


December 3, 201009:18 am

Not valid :(


December 3, 201009:16 am

tried, it said not valid already :(