How much do you love coupons with no size restrictions? The Vicks coupons in the 11/28 P&G insert do NOT have a size restriction and looky what I found in the travel section at Kroger! They have DayQuil and NyQuil (4 packs) priced at $1.59. Use your $1.50 coupons to get 2 for $0.18 + FREE Puffs! Even if you only have one insert, you can do this deal!

Buy (1) Vicks NyQuil Travel Pack (4 ct) – $1.59
Buy (1) Vicks DayQuil Travel Packs (4 ct) – $1.59
Buy (1) Puffs Tissue – $2.39
(I of course bought the big one! ;))
Use $1.50/1 DayQuil Product from 11/28 PG
Use $1.50/1 Nyquil Product from 11/28 PG
Use FREE Puffs Product wyb 2 Vicks Products from 11/28 PG
Final cost is $0.18 for all of the above!

(thanks for the reminder, Kara!)

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December 12, 201007:24 am

Thanks, I'm not giving up! I'll give it another try with your suggestions.


December 11, 201009:20 am

I tried this exact scenario today and the cashier at Kroger told me that since I was using a coupon to get the Nyquil and Dayquil, that I could not also use the Puffs coupon because it was linked to the Nyquil and Dayquil purchase. What can I say to the cashier when I try this again if I get the same response.


December 11, 201006:37 pm

Pam, if she would have scanned the coupon she would see that it is NOT coded for the Nyquil/Dayquil...just the FREE Puffs. My old stand-by is this "no where on this coupon does it state that I have to pay full price for the item I am purchasing". Sometimes that will help, sometimes it doesn't. Another tip I have for you is to save these deal scenarios for when you have a ton of coupons in one transaction so that it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Hope that helps!


December 10, 201009:12 am

Where is the travel section, sorry to be so lame!


December 10, 201009:28 am

in my store, it's in the health & beauty section. It's just one little space towards one end of the aisle. Just ask an employee for help if you can't find it. :)


December 10, 201008:35 am

Hi Raeme...they were in the travel size section in my store.


December 9, 201011:53 pm

I could not find these in my store, did you find them some where special in your store? I looked in the medicine isle? thanks