I made a quick to trip to Walgreens tonight, then headed across the street to Rite Aid.

What I want from YOU is a comment sharing your shopping experience at Rite Aid or Walgreens. Each week I will randomnly choose a winner from the comments section. The winner will get a mystery envelope full of coupons. 

Previous “Share Your Shopping” Winner: Comment #2 – Terri. Please email me your shipping address Terri, and I will send you your mystery envelope full of coupons!! (coupon katarina at gmail dot com)

My Walgreens Trip:

Buy (1) Goody Ouchless Elastics – $2.00 = $2.00 RR
Buy (4) Skittles Single Size – $0.39 with in-ad Q
Buy (2) Glade Relaxing Moments Spray (9.7 oz) – $2.99 BOGO Free with in-ad Q
Use (2) $0.50/2 Skittles (click “Get Special Savings” at the bottom)
Use (2) $1.00/1 Glade Premium Room Spray from 12/5 RP
Pay $3.55, get back $2.00 RR (for ouchless)
Final cost is $1.55 for all!

My Rite Aid Trip did not go as planned because they were out of stock on a few items I planned on purchasing. I ended up just getting a couple things and received rainchecks for the rest.

My Rite Aid Trip:

Buy (2) Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats – 2/$5.00 = $2.00 +UpR
Buy (1) c. Booth’s Shea Butter Cream Bath (16 oz) – $5.99 = $2.00 +UpR AND $2.00 SCR
Buy (1) Dawn Hand Renewal – $0.88
Use (2) $1.50/1 Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats (out of prints)
Use $3.00/1 c. Booth in-ad Q
Use $1.00/1 Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Liquid from HomeMade Simple Coupon Booklet
Pay $4.87, get back $2.00 +UpR (Kellogg’s)
Submit $2.00 SCR
Final cost is $2.87 for all!
(should’ve received a $2.00 +UpR for the c.Booth, but am just now noticing I did NOT! Argh! So, my total shouldv’e been $0.87 for all…I’ll have to look into that more tomorrow)

Your turn. What were your Walgreens and/or Rite Aid scenarios this week?

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December 17, 201012:04 pm

I also bought the c. Booth Shea Butter bath and didn't get the $2 Up reward either. I looked at the in-ad coupon and realized the Up reward + SCR was rewarded specifically for the items pictured in the coupon. First, I could barely make out what those items were but it didn't matter anyway because my Rite Aid only carried c. Booth products that were not pictured! Not worth it to me so I plan on returning the item...oh well :(

I Aviad

December 17, 201002:59 am

Tonight I bought: Transaction (Trans) #1 Goody hair x 2 = $4.00. Paid with previous RR Trans #2 6 Gift card holders = $4.00 and paid w/2 Goody RR. Received Hallmark $5 RR. Trans #3 1 Emergency Booster & 1 Goody. Paid with $5 RR Hallmark and received a $3 RR and $2 RR Trans #4 Bought 6 more Hallmark card holders and 3 Wags ad toothbrush (3/$1). Total = $5.00. Paid with $3 RR Emergency Booster & $2 RR Goody from Trans #3. Received Hallmark $5 RR. You could repeat this multiple times. Trans #5 1 Didget Glucose Monitor (9.99), 1 Bayer Monitor (9.99), 1 Revlon nail enamel ($5.99) and 1 toothbrush (.33). Total = $26.30 Paid with $10 Bayer coupon, $10 Didget Coupon, -$1 Revlon coupon, and paid $5.30 oop. Received $5.00 Jingle and Revlon $5 RR. total profit = $4.70 Also, I called a local store before going to check on the Emergency Booster. She said she would hold their last one for me at the register. When I arrived, I asked her for the one on hold. She said she forget to pull it. Since they were now OUT, she offered me a non-advertised flavor of the same item for FREE!


December 16, 201008:26 pm

I probably would've not gone this week, but I had RRs to use at Walgreens, so went tonight. Purchased: Goodys hair elastics, Neutrogena lipstick (on clearance for $4.99), and 4 Coca-Cola 12 packs (for my addicted DH). Used: $2 MQ plus $2 Walgreens Q (for lipstick), and $12 in RR. Spent $4.56 OOP and got back $2 RR for the Goodys. Not bad for all that soda! :)


December 16, 201004:03 pm

Had to make several transactions and two trips to get rid of those horrid Super Dingy Cash. Trip One: Splenda, Didget Blood Meter, (2) Bic Razors, Finesse Shampoo and Conditioner (3), Revlon Nail Polish, Goody Hair Clips, Jello (3). Used $5 Super Jingle Cash, $5 RR + Manf. Cpns. Paid $2.47, Received $2 + $5 RR, plus a $5 Super Jingle Cash. TransTwo: Goody Hair Clips, Nail Polish, Used $5 Super Dingy Cash. Paid $3.18, received $2 & $5 RR. No more polish coupons ... Trans Three: Rev. nail Polish and Chapstick used $5 Super Dingy Cash = Manf. Cpn. . Paid $1.11 got $5 RR Trans Four: Progressive Soup (4), Glad Spray (4), Goody Hair Clips. Used $5 Super Dingy Cash. Paid $2.27. Received $2 RR. So total paid $9.03 for everything, received $21RR and $5 Super Dingy Cash = 16.97 Moneymaker..

Michelle C

December 16, 201003:33 pm

Here is my WAlgreens trip for the week: 1-Russel Stover Santa (.29) 3-plastic cutlery 24 pc (.39 each w/in ad Q) 1-Olay bodywash (6.99 on sale, 50% off for BOGO 50%, so $3.50 minus $2 Q I asked for at cosmetic counter, so $1.50 total) 1-Olay body lotion (8.99 but I used the Buy wash, get lotion free up to $7 so I paid $2) 1-Case Spring Water (24 bottles) ($2.59 w/in ad Q Used $4 in Jingle Cash, paid $4.49 OOP, and received $3 Jingle Cash for buying Olay!!!


December 16, 201003:16 pm

My Walgreen's trips went well today, though they were out of quite a few things. I bought the following in 3 transactions: 6 - Degree for Men ($1.99 w/ad Q) 4 - Skittles (.39 w/ad Q + (2) .50/2 Q's) 2 - Scotch packing tape (B1G1 w/ad Q + $1Q) 4 - Hunt's tom sauce (3/$1 w/adQ) Used 3 Jingle Cash ($15), paid $2.74 OOP. Not too shabby!