There are no scheduled inserts in this weekend’s paper! I have to say I am not disappointed…I need the break, don’t you? 🙂 

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December 20, 201003:29 pm

Yes! I was just thinking the same thing...I finally caught up to clipping all my coupon inserts and organizing them. Now on to clipping a big stack of printable coupons! At least now I feel like I'm making a dent in my piles :)


December 19, 201011:20 am

Eek! How did I miss this? I'm only disappointed because I bought two papers before I realized it! Oh well, live and learn :)

Heather T.

December 18, 201008:40 am

Amen to that, with the rush of last minute Christmas stuff, they would not even be looked at.


December 17, 201009:34 pm

I love coupons, but I agree that a break is nice! There are alot of q's that will expire on 12/31 so I will have time to pull them out and try to use them!


December 17, 201008:46 pm

I am behind in organizing my coupons for a couple of weeks! So, yes, a break is okay!