UPDATE: Looks like the price is up to $4.99 – still a great deal for this magazine!

Tanga is offering a 1-Year Subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine for ONLY $2.99! You can purchase up to 3 years for this price. Just use promo code WEIGHT at checkout.

I LOVE this magazine…not only for it’s great articles and recipes, but because it includes SEVERAL high value coupons in each issue…you know, for all the healthy stuff! 😉

Hurry, Tanga prices this low never last long!

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Sharron Clemons

December 28, 201011:22 pm

how do you get to $2.99? using coupon code - rings up at $4.99 per year, no matter how many years I choose.....


December 28, 201009:40 pm

signed into Tanga sight and requested weight watchers magazine, and it came up 6 months $14.95. How do we FIND the 2.99 CouponKatarina advertized on my e mail from her today. Can get up to 3 yrs subscription at 2.99, NOT TRUE HERE IN TEXAS. 75460


December 28, 201010:58 pm

Helen...Tanga prices go up as more people purchase these deals. You need to hurry on these Tanga deals...especially the magazine deals.


December 28, 201009:32 pm

How do you get this, have tried when offered few weeks ago and never could get it, tried again tonight, and still unable to find a place to ORDER, nt even on facebook nor Tanga sight. Its offered, but as a former weight watcher member, would love it, but never able to get MOST your advertised offers here in one horse town, Paris, Tx 75460. Either a DAY late getting your e mail, or they are all gone, or ARE NO LONGER accepting this price to order.


December 28, 201009:09 pm

Our CHEAPO stores in this little one horse town, WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT ANY free item coupons whether one or more. They are still accepting internet coupons for the time being, but look for them to STOP that soon. A yr ago they would NOT accept any internet coupons here. Not Walmart, Kroger, Brookshires, CVS, nor Walgreen, thats it, no other choices in this small city of Paris, TX 75460. C H E A P O ' S


December 27, 201009:12 pm

Tanga is a little different...the more people that purchase a deal...the higher the price goes, so you have to be quick.


December 27, 201006:46 pm

IT rand up 4>99 for me also.. but still a great deal!


December 27, 201005:22 pm

how do you get to $2.99? using coupon code - rings up at $4.99 per year, no matter how many years I choose.....