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Here are the best deals I see for 1/9 – 1/15:


Campbell’s Chunky or Select Soup, Hunt’s Pasta Sauce or Tomatoes, Bumble Bee Tuna or Barilla Pasta – 4/$5.00 = $1.00 +UpR
Deal Idea #1:
Buy (4) Campbell’s Chunky Or Select Harvest Healthy Request Soup
Use (2) Use $1.00/2 Campbell’s Healthy Request or Healthy Harvest or printable
Pay $3.00, get back $1.00 +UpR
Plus, get (4) $1.00 +UpR
Final cost is 4 for FREE + $2.00 Moneymaker!

Deal Idea #2:
Buy (2) Barilla Pasta – $1.25 each
Buy (2) Hunt’s Pasta Sauce $1.25 each
Pay $5.00, get back $1.00 +UpR
Plus, get (4) $1.00 +UpR (this is a monthly +UpR for most food items)
Final cost is 4 for FREE!

Deal Idea #3:
Buy (4) Hunt’s Tomatoes (14.5 oz)

Use $1.00/3 Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes from January All You
Pay $4.00, get back $1.00 +UpR
Final cost is $0.75 each

Select Kellogg’s Cereals (11.4-14 oz) – BOGO Free
Deal Idea:
Buy (2) Special K Cereal – $4.79
(estimated price)
Use Use BOGO Free Select Special K Cereals printable (up to $4.49)
Pay $0.30, get back (2) $1.00 +UpR (this is a monthly +UpR for most food items)
Final cost is 2 for FREE + $1.70 Moneymaker!

Velveeta or Kraft Deluxe, Hormel, Dinty Moore or Simply Asia – $1.99 = $1.00 +UpR
Use $0.75/1 Hormel Compleats Microwave Meal printable
Plus use $0.50/1 Select Hormel, Dinty Moore or Spam Items January Video Values
Pay $0.74, get back $1.00 +UpR
Plus, get back $1.00 +UpR (this is a monthly +UpR for most food items)
Final cost is FREE + $1.26 Moneymaker!

Blink Tears (15 ml) – $7.99 = $7.99 SCR 
Use $1.00/1 Select Blink Eye Drops from 1/2 SS
Pay $6.99, Submit for $7.99 SCR
Final cost is FREE + $1.00 Moneymaker!

Motrin PM (20 ct) – $3.00 = $2.00 +UpR
Use $2.00/1 Motrin PM from November All You
Pay $1.00, get back $2.00 +UpR
Final cost is FREE + $1.00 Moneymaker!

Buy (2) Stayfree Maxi Pads (14-24 ct) – 2/$5.00 = $2.00 +UpR
Use BOGO Free Stayfree (14-24 ct) Available at Dollar General
or BOGO Free Stayfree (14-24 ct) Available at Family Dollar
or BOGO Free Stayfree Product (14-24 ct)
Plus, use $1.00/1 Stayfree Product from 11/7 RP (for the one you’re paying for)
Pay $1.50, get back $2.00 +UpR
Final cost is 2 for FREE + $0.50 Moneymaker

Tylenol Precise Heat Patch or Cream – $5.00 = $3.00 +UpR
Use $2.00/1 Precise Product from 12/12 RP or from 1/9 SS
Pay $3.00, get back $3.00 +UpR
Final cost is FREE!

Mars Seasonal Single Serve Candy – 2/$1.00
Use $1.00/2 Mars Seasonal Product printable
Final cost is 2 for FREE!


Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows (10 oz) – 2/$2.00 = $1.00 +UpR
Final cost is $0.50 each

Quaker Instant Oatmeal (10 pk) –  2/$5.00 = $2.00 +UpR
Use (2) $1.00/1 Select Quaker Oatmeals from 1/2 RP
Pay $3.00, get back $2.00 +UpR
Final cost is $0.50 each

Breathe Right Nasal Strips (10 ct) – $3.99 = $1.00 +UpR
Use $2.00/1 Breathe Right December or January Video Values
Pay $1.99, get back $1.00 +UpR
Final cost is $0.99

Wonderful Pistachios (8 oz) – 2/$5.00 = $1.00 +UpR
Use (2) $1.00/1 Wonderful Pistachios printable or from 11/21 SS
Pay $3.00, get back $1.00 +UpR
Final cost is $1.00 each

Buy $25 worth of Clean and Clear Products = $10.00 +UpR
Deal Idea Based on Online Pricing:
First: Text SURGE to 467467 and they will reply asking for your email. Reply with your email address and you will receive a bricks coupon for $5.00/1 Clean & Clear Morning Burst Surge
Buy (1) Clean and Clear Morning Burst Surge – $15.49
Buy (2) Clean and Clear Cleansers – $4.79 
Use $5.00/1 Clean and Clear Surge from texting
Plus use (2) $2.00/1 Clean & Clear Product printable or printable
Plus use $1.00 off in-ad Q
Pay $15.07, get back $10.00 +UpR
Final cost is $5.07 for all!


Watch Video Values and earn valuable Rite-Aid store coupons, plus a bonus $4 off $20 purchase coupon! You can also earn (2) $1 off ANY purchase Video Values coupons!

Read more about the Wellness+ Care Program here. You get a $5 off $25 purchase Q just for signing up! You’ll need a wellness card to receive many of the sale prices!

Look for +Up Reward items (pronounced “plus up”) throughout the circular. Use your Wellness+ card when purchasing these items each week and you’ll receive valuable coupons printed at the bottom of your receipt to use on your next purchase for mostly everything in the store! Limits vary and are not advertised.

View and print the updated Rite Aid Corporate Coupon Policy.

New to Rite-Aid shopping, read this first.

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January 12, 201101:39 am

I did Hunts and Barilla pasta and did not get the extra UP - just (4) $1 UPs. I am in Michigan.


January 11, 201107:02 pm

Can we contact Rite Aid if we didn't get the extra UPs for Campbells? Also, you have to look at the kind of Campbells Select Harvest - Chicken with Egg Noodles rang up at $1.25 but Chicken with Whole Grain noodles didn't.

Barbara A

January 10, 201103:28 pm

No, I got the extra Up on the campbells. My first order was for 4 simply asias and 4 campbells and 5 $1 ups printed. Next order was for 6 Simply asia and 4 barilla pasta and no up rewards so I am pretty sure the campbells printed the ups.


January 10, 201108:50 am

no extra ups for asia or campbell's there is extra on hormel, kellogs, and jerky any one try it on olives?


January 10, 201108:23 am

Barbara: I was told at my Rite Aid that the Campbell's Select Harvest was not on sale. Not sure if it should be or not. I bought the soup and got the bonus up reward but only 1 per transaction not 1 per can

Barbara A

January 10, 201112:01 am

I bought 4 boxes of Barilla pasta and 10 of the Simply Asia. Signs and sales circular said that I should get uprewards but they didn't print. It did print uprewards for the Campbells soup including 1 bonus upreward. The 2 Select Harvest Healthy Request Soups didn't ring up at the sale price. RiteAid will make it alright but it really shouldn't have been this much work today. This will end up being a good deal..


January 9, 201111:16 pm

Yay! I got 4 boxes of Special K free as well! And it looks like the coupon reset so I just printed 2 more!

Heather Matthies

January 9, 201106:41 pm

I just got 4 boxes of Special K for free! Woo hoo. So excited;)


January 9, 201106:17 pm

For the Motrin PM $6 off 2 coupon issue. There is an insert coupon for $6/2 in the SS with the bandaids on the front of it. They will accept insert coupons up to $10 with no problem so you can do that instead.


January 9, 201102:59 pm

I just did the Campbells & Hormel deals today, they did not print double +Ups & it gave a limit of 5. Just a heads up if you are going there today :)


January 9, 201111:39 am

Re: $6.00/2. Called the Rite Aid 800# regarding the "$6 off 2 item coupon I printed from Smartsource.com". They said that the $5 limit is 'policy', however, the store manager IS authorized to accept it if he wants to. Used 4 of them last night. As far as which items are giving the extra $1 up, it worked for the Hormel Complete, Barilla, & Oberto's. It did not work on the Hunt's sauce, Simply Asia, BB tuna can. NOTE: there is a limit to the amount of UP rewards that can print PER TRANSACTION. I think it is 24 rewards (not dollars). If it wants to print more than the limit (24, 26, or maybe 28) it will not print ANY. That's why we did several transactions of the Hormel. 12 at a time produces 24 of the $1 UP's. Oh, that makes it free.


January 9, 201110:56 am

Just an FYI on the $6.00/2 Tylenol, Motrin, etc. coupon from Smartsource: the Rite Aid policy states they accept internet printables up to $5.00 off, so that's why I didn't use it in the scenario. http://couponkatarina.com/category/coupon-center/corporate-coupon-policies/


January 9, 201110:49 am

Used the 6.00/2 from today's ss for the Motrin pm making it a $2.00 money maker on each one!!


January 9, 201108:16 am

The "EAST" circular does not mention anything about the extra "up" on the food. The $1 bonus ups.


January 9, 201108:39 am

Marle, This is an unadvertsied month long deal. You get a bonus $1.00 +UpR for purchasing certain food items (like the Progresso soup last week). You never know which food items are included, but it seems to be most!

Barbara A

January 9, 201105:32 am

It means that you get one up rewards for buying 4 or spending a certain amount of money and then you get more up rewards for each item that you purchased. Just like sometimes you get 2 Catalinas in the grocery store for overlapping deals.


January 9, 201112:20 am

I believe it's 1 +UP reward for each item purchased.


January 8, 201111:03 pm

Can someone tell me how you get double up rewards... Like the soup, you get up, then more up.