Oh happy day!! I have some awesome news to share with all of you fellow Kroger-ers (that’s a word now). I have just confirmed that PARTICIPATING Kroger stores are offering TRIPLE COUPONS starting TOMORROW (Thursday) and running through Sunday, May 1st! This is for select Ohio and West Virginia Stores only.

Here’s how it works:

  • Coupons valued at $0.50 and under are tripled. So, for example if you have a $0.50 coupon, it will be tripled to $1.50!! SA-weet!!! ($0.55 Qs are the devil)
  • I just made a phone call to a nearby store that normally doubles up to and including $1.00 (Perrysburg) and while they will continue that doubling policy, the triple coupons only applies to $0.50 and under. 
  • Limit 3 like coupons will be tripled per transaction.

If you have LOTS of low value Qs laying around…now is the time to use them and STOCK UP!!!  I have a post in the works with coupons you may want to take with you, and will be bringing you my finds probably on Thursday evening.  In the meantime, let us know in the comments section what FREE or CHEAP items you score!

Before heading out, make sure you call your store to confirm that they are participating in this event.


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Jennifer Atkins

April 29, 201112:35 pm

St. Mary's Ohio - NOT particpating! Yuck!


April 28, 201102:33 pm

Has anyone heard if the Dayton area is participating?


April 28, 201111:50 am

Freebies as a result of triple coupons: pringles 15 pk mentos gum dial soap carefree liners tuna pouch goldfish grahams listerine pock pack 24 count crest toothpaste crest kids tooth paste huggies wipes (smaller soft package) dawn dish soap (50/1 p&g mailer) maruchan yakisoba noodles (regional 50/1 coupon) single skinny cow ice cream (with all you 50/1 coupon) Other great deals: cottonelle tp 12 pk 5.99-1.50 (50/1 printable)=4.49 and it produces a catalina buy 2 or more get 3.00 oyno or buy 3 or 4.00 oyno final price 3.19 each (yes there will be a better wags deal next week) cresent rolls .40 each red barron french bread pizz on sale 3.33 had a peelie 50/1 tripled=1.83 new york frozen bread sticks (my family loves these) 3.19- 40/1tripled=1.99 yoplait dora 4 pk kids yogurt 2.00-50/1 tripled =.50


April 28, 201110:32 am

Groveport and Canal Winchester (the one in town by Hallmark) are participating.


April 28, 201107:09 am

Cathy, the gal I spoke with specifically pointed out that no overage will be given. You just get the item for free.


April 28, 201105:06 am

Called Findlay and they are participating!


April 28, 201104:19 am

Port Clinton is in, too! I put it on my FB page so my local friends would know about it.


April 28, 201101:32 am

My wife called our three local Krogers and none had any idea about triple coupons. One is in a more affluent neighborhood and hung up on my wife. I'm thinking about calling and complaining about that.


April 27, 201110:09 pm

Any triple coupon deals yet? thanks!


April 27, 201104:51 pm

Fremont and Sandusky are in!


April 27, 201104:41 pm

Findlay is in!

Katie Baltz

April 27, 201103:28 pm

Bowling Green, OH is participating... I've also read on a different blog that they are only allowing the 3 same coupons per transaction, per day!


April 27, 201103:04 pm

michelle, they will triple unlimited coupons, but they will only triple up to 3 of the EXACT same coupon in one transaction.


April 27, 201103:03 pm

Does anyone know if Kroger gives overage on the tripling? For example the Crest $1 toothpaste is free with a 50 cent q doubling, but if I used it during this promotion would the coupon triple and give me 50 cents in overage?


April 27, 201102:53 pm

Just so I'm clear, they will triple 3 of the same coupons per transaction. It's not saying 3 triple coupons total per transaction, right?

Danielle Rundio

April 27, 201102:30 pm

Cna't wait to use my low value coupons! Excited! Sadly very very excited! lol! Thanks!


April 27, 201102:16 pm

Tiffin is participating!!!!


April 27, 201102:00 pm

I just called one of the krogers and they acted like they had no clue. Who should I speak w/ to find out if mine is doing it?

jennifer r

April 27, 201101:51 pm

Any idea if Tiffin is included in this?


April 27, 201101:43 pm

YAY! Ours is doing this too! Can't wait for your match-ups!!!


April 27, 201101:32 pm

Waaaahhhhh!! I wish they were doing this in SoCal too!

Mary Lohr

April 27, 201101:28 pm

Wish KY stores did this!