Don’t forget to set your DVR for the hour long debut of Extreme Couponing that airs tonight at 9 PM (EST). I know we all have mixed opinions about this show, but you know you can’t stop watching…

When you’re finished watching it, come on back here and post a comment on what you thought about tonight’s show.

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April 8, 201106:51 pm

But they're not getting the items free or cheap. They are buying coupons (something that is not talked about) and they are spending hours on end doing this. Also, one particular individual was committing coupon fraud right on tv by using coupons for different items than what the coupon was intended for. Newbies to the couponing lifestyle don't benefit in any way by watching the show except to learn what NOT to do.


April 8, 201102:13 pm

The show is great, all you negative commenters are missing the point - stop picking on the people and start visualizing your possibilities.... take the show as a learning tool, dont waste your precious time complaining or picking on people - use the show to benefit you and your family: learn from it. This show opened my eyes to this couponing way of life, i will always be grateful to this show, can not understand how some of you are missing the point... one more thing, if these people are smart enought to buy over $1,000 worth of food for a few bucks, then they are smart enough to figure out expiration dates on products. Much love to all!!!! Life is short, live it!!!


April 7, 201112:57 pm

Some of the 4 couponers on the NEW episodes were interviewed on another site. A quote from one: "She has donated thousands of pounds of food,". Since each couponer was probably taped for hours, we have no idea what else, such as donating, may have been discussed. Remember, each 30 minute show is really only about 22 minutes. With 2 couponers being profiled per show that's only 11 minutes to tell you the MOST interesting details. Do I wish they would have talked about donating huge amounts? Yes, but I'm not the person editing the tape so I don't know what got cut.


April 7, 201111:41 am

Simply put, I hate this show. Its "reality" tv and no more. I think some of them are bordering on OCD and hoarding. I wish this show wasn't on tv because it does nothing to educate anyone on how to save with coupons, and creates a false expectation on how to shop and use coupons wisely. Also, there's not a single store near me that would allow someone to buy hundreds of deodorants for "free". The limit is 25 so that other people can shop for what they need too. Did I mention I hate this show? ;)


April 7, 201108:39 am

I was a little disgusted by the stockpiles of food that would obviously expire before they are able to use it. My daughter even asked what they do with so much food. They didn't even talk about donating to food pantries or anything like that. It makes me sick thinking about all the wasted food.

Kelly H

April 7, 201108:32 am

I agree with Kristi. Where does the money they paid for all those coupons come in? I have bought coupons online a few times and always count that in the cost of my product. Also, I feel like TLC is doing a disservice to everyone in not informing them that they have obviously asked the people on the show to come up with the biggest list and make the biggest shopping trip possible. Despite their large stockpiles I seriously doubt their weekly shopping trips are this large. Also, where are those who donate part of their purchases to food banks, homeless shelters, etc.

Amy B

April 7, 201112:50 am

OMG I missed it! BUT it's coming back on at 1am EST so I'll just stay up. but it's just a spin off of what I seen a couple weeks ago on TLC. what I didn't like about that show was that the couponers who bought coupons online didn't calculate the cost of the coupons in there totals. yeah it's great to get $600 in groceries for $6 BUT how much was spent on buying coupons.


April 6, 201110:37 pm

Seems like these women are not factoring all the time spent to save (the one couple spent 5 hours in the store alone??!!) Plus, the expense of buying all those papers to get the numerous coupons. Makes me feel a little inadequate that I don't think I've even broken saving more than 70%, but at the same time, I'm not sure I would trade that for all that time, stress, and a stockpile of groceries I don't have room for... One more thing... for the show, the cashier is high-fiving the buyer?! I just get dirty looks and sometimes arguments from the cashier when I hand over my huge stack of coupons!!! lol!