Companies LOVE to hear from their consumers and are more than happy to send a coupon. You don’t even need to actually come right out and ask for a coupon (although you could). Just send them a simple comment, compliment, criticism – be honest. In most cases, they will send you a coupon(s). In just a few short weeks, we’ve received some GREAT coupons!

So, here’s the deal! Each week, we will be emailing a company in hopes of receiving a coupon for inevitable Kroger sales! If you don’t shop at Kroger, you can still play. 🙂 I will give you the company and a link to the contact or email page for said company. Then it’s up to you to email them your honest comments.

Who We’re Emailing This Week:

Brownberry Bread – Sale Price, $2.49

I’d love to hear your ideas for next week! PLEASE email me at couponkatarina at gmail dot com if you have a company you’d like to email for coupons! I also enjoy reading your comments on what you’ve received so keep them coming!

If you’re just getting started on the planning ahead project or want to see the results, I started a new feature called Check Our Progress! If you have received a coupon I don’t have listed please keep leave me comment and I will add it to the list! Each company is also linked directly to their contact page if you need to play “catch-up”!

Love our readers
I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.

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May 16, 201109:21 pm

This is Jessica again, I received my coupons from Brownberry in the mail today!! They sent me two $1.00 off coupons for any of their products and the best part is they don't expire until 12-31-12!!


May 14, 201111:17 pm

I wrote Mr & Mra T' - a big NO and Milk Bone a big NO


May 12, 201110:42 am

I left a message on Brownberry's Contact Page and requested coupons so that I could try their buns (I am a huge fan of their sliced bread). I am looking forward to hearing back and to see if they send any coupons. I've never done this before so I am hoping for the best. I will let you know if/when/what they send. Thanks!!


May 11, 201109:04 pm

I have contacted Thomas brand about their english muffins and received 2 $1/1 coupons! These work nice when GE has their BOGO sales! I also emailed sweet baby rays bbq sauce, haven't got my coupons yet but they emailed me and said they are on their way! Note: if there are multiple companies that are under one corporation, you are only allowed coupons once every 12 months from ONE of the companies.


May 11, 201106:45 pm

Hi! I haven't contacted Brownberry, but I will be shortly, but I have contacted almost every company whose products I use regularly, and every time, they have sent me coupons! If there is something you want a coupon for, and it's not out right now, just ask for one! I usually say something like "I love your _____ because it's _______ and I'd like to continue using it, however, times can be tight, so if it's possible to send a coupon my way, I'd greatly appreciate it!..." And I've had great success with that.

Vicki Daniel

May 11, 201104:29 pm

I went to Brownberry bread's website and left a note about a problem I had with the last loaf of bread I purchased (big holes in the middle of the bread 1/2 through the loaf) and they contacted me by phone within 10 minutes of me sending the note off. They are mailing me coupons for replacement bread.


May 11, 201104:25 pm

Purina has given me $2 off litter and $2 off pet food

angie h

May 11, 201102:31 pm

I was wondering do you guys have a standard format you use to write these quickly? Just tell them how much you love the product, ect? Thanks!


May 11, 201102:18 pm

Just wanted to let everyone know that I emailed tyson and miracle grow and got $10 in coupons!