Freecycle is an amazing organization trying to improve this world one trash to treasure item at a time.

Freecycle says this on their website, “Our mission is to build a worldwide gifting movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources & eases the burden on our landfills while enabling our members to benefit from the strength of a larger community.”

The Freecycle Network is made up of thousands of groups with literally millions of members across the globe. Freecycle is the largest Internet based gifting community of its kind! It’s a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving and getting stuff for FREE in their own towns.

Using Freecycle is pretty easy too. Once you sign up join your local group you can start posting, emailing, commenting, and replying to either find or give away things.

Membership is entirely free, just like everything that is listed. Visit their website to find out more and to sign up today!

I have never personally used this service, but a friend of mine saw a freezer listed…conacted the owner, made arrangements to pick it up and a couple hours later she had a FREE freezer in her garage! I’ve also heard of people listing coupon inserts on there as well! If you have a personal experience with Freecycle, please share in the comments section below.

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June 16, 201108:13 am

I became a freecycler last year and have had ups and downs. Fremont Freecycle has a yahoo group which makes it very easy to monitor the offers and takens. I have recieved some great things (an outside little tykes jungle gym, sand & water table, dvd tower, huge wall paper mural) and I have also recieved some things that I ended up having to throw away b/c of their poor condition (stained/holey clothes, a TV with lines through it). After my garage sale last year I freecycled 10 boxes of boys clothes that didn't sell. It's a great way to 'pass on' what you will no longer use. I have yet to see coupon inserts on there but have been watching!!!!!


June 16, 201101:03 am

I have used freecycle for years! I have given my son's baby stuff that he out grew to a few families that could use them! I have also gotten a free small dresser that I used when my brother lived with me and I use it now for my sewing stuff! I have also gotten a free old navy jacket that my son has warn for the past two winters! It is great!

Wendy Y

June 15, 201109:18 pm

Love freecycle! I've gotten some things off my hands that otherwise would have ended up in my trash, and I've gotten some great items free, like my daughter's Halloween costume for this year!


June 15, 201109:11 pm

Did you still this from another blog?? My Discount Buddie wrote about this last Tuesday.


June 16, 201101:05 pm

Nicole...this info comes straight from never heard of the site you are referring to and dont appreciate the accusation. I've had this post scheduled to post for quite some time now.


June 15, 201104:30 pm

i heart freecycle. I just used it today to give away some old toys.


June 15, 201104:16 pm

I am apart of Perrysburg Freecycle and so far it has been a wonderful experience! I have recieved toys for my daughters for free through this site. They are great. I have also given our basketball hoop that never got used and crafting supplies that had been sitting for years. They now have great homes. I have had a great experience with this so far. I'd reccommend it for sure.