This high value coupon for $2.00 off ANY Rayovac Battery is BACK! I was just able to print 2 more copies and there is NO size restriction! In fact, this time the fine print states “This coupon valid on ANY Rayovac product”! Happy Dance!!

This coupon will make you $1.06 at Walmart:
Rayovac Batteries (2-4 ct) – $0.94
Use $2.00 off ANY Rayovac Battery printable
Final cost is FREE + $1.06 Coupon Overage!

You may also find these in the Dollar Spot at Target!

This $1.06 coupon overage earned is a great way to reduce your produce bill!

(thanks so much for leaving the comment John!)

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lisa anne

July 5, 201204:50 pm

Dear BOBBY, Im happy that you enjoy couponing. I also coupon. That is, I coupon when I an find an item on the shelf. Thanks to the couponers who clear the shelves in the name of charity and their donations, often items are not available. I coupon to feed my family and frankly I am not worried about the shelter. As a former military family, I find it nonsense that military families are needy. Uncle Sam provided a very nice life for us. As far as the orphanages go, most receive state/government money. If I went to a shelter for help, they would laugh me all the way back to my car. Nope, couponing is my only way to go. You go right ahead and pick up your 40 items. if I get to the store after you and there is nothing left on the shelf, I will grin and bear it. On the other hand if you get there after I have picked up my batteries, I hope you know how much I am going to enjoy my 40 packs of free batteries. I am not a hoarder. I only buy what my family will use. That is what is right for me. I have 10 computers that I can access at one time. I love when coupons reset !!!! MOST libraries and schools do not allow you to install the necessary coupon printer to print the coupons off. Target.com,and Smartsource.com are a few that require this. Get a life if you are a hater.


June 21, 201109:39 am

Yeah! Thanks for printing 8+ coupons! Now the rest of us cant get get even 1. You guys out there printing 10 or more from these sites should be ashamed of yourselves. I know of several people who go and print at schools and libraries to get 10 or more coupons. The sad thing is now places like Walmart, Target, and Kroger no longer accept more than 2 print coupons because of all the scamers and frauds out there photo coping coupons. Now I heard some Walmarts are actually refusing Smartsource coupons because of this. Thanks guys! Go ahead and print your 8 coupons though. Im the guy who you'll see with 40 manufactuers coupons cleaning the selfs off. And I actually dont have a flea market booth or a garage full of deoderant and mustard like some people. I actually donate to a homeless shelter, an orphange, and several of my military family and extended friends of military. Do whats rite. I have actually had women trying to take my stuff out of my cart lately. You guys need a reality check.


June 21, 201108:39 am

Thanks to those copying 8 plus of the coupons some of us who only wanted one coupon can't get it now!:(


June 20, 201111:34 pm

I set up remote desktop connections in windows 7 and get my neighbors to allow access to connect to my network. That way i can wirelessly control their computer (with their permission). So that way i can access the net and print using a shared network printer connected to my home network using my printer and ink. I have nice neighbors.

Eric in NJ

June 20, 201110:29 pm

Ha, and I wonder why I can't even get one. Thanks...MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE! "I use three computers to print and as I was on the last one, BOOM! OFFER EXPIRED! Gotta love fellow couponers!"


June 20, 201110:21 pm

I find these on a display in front of the electronics section of the store. I have to say that I have to be quicker. I use three computers to print and as I was on the last one, BOOM! OFFER EXPIRED! Gotta love fellow couponers!


June 20, 201109:43 pm

@ Cody: I've spoken with a WalMart rep in my area and she explicitly stated that WalMart is committed to accepting all coupons and giving us the FULL value of them, even if that means an overage. If you experience difficulties, I strongly recommend speaking to a manager or whoever it takes to get it straightened out!


June 20, 201109:37 pm

Battery center in front of store. One of my Walmart has 2 battery centers in the front and both have these on them. the other Walmart has them right on the wall near the tobacco product area. They are red package not blue. Always on the bottom of the shelf and are the cheapest battery's both of my Walmart offer. Says HEAVY DUTY on them.


June 20, 201108:49 pm

I can't seem to find these at my Walmart. Where are they located exactly?


June 20, 201108:40 pm

I have access to 4 computers so i was able to print 8 of these. So my question is: Will wal-mart deny my $8.24 overage if i buy 8 of the 97 cent Rayovac batteries? The coupon policy says they can get overage but to what extent? Given my luck with printable coupons, i wont be surprised if they accuse me of fraud.


June 20, 201108:17 pm

worked for me too!!!