Companies LOVE to hear from their consumers and are more than happy to send a coupon. You don’t even need to actually come right out and ask for a coupon (although you could). Just send them a simple comment, compliment, criticism – be honest. In most cases, they will send you a coupon(s). In just a few short weeks, we’ve received some GREAT coupons!

So, here’s the deal! Each week, we will be emailing a company in hopes of receiving a coupon for inevitable Kroger sales! If you don’t shop at Kroger, you can still play. 🙂 I will give you the company and a link to the contact or email page for said company. Then it’s up to you to email them your honest comments.

Glad Trash Bags – Regular Price, $3.99

(thanks Ashley!)

I’d love to hear your ideas for coming weeks! PLEASE email me at couponkatarina at gmail dot com if you have a company you’d like to email for coupons! I also enjoy reading your comments on what you’ve received so keep them coming!

If you’re just getting started on the planning ahead project or want to see the results, I started a new feature called Check Our Progress! If you have received a coupon I don’t have listed please keep leave me comment and I will add it to the list! Each company is also linked directly to their contact page if you need to play “catch-up”!

Love our readers
I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.

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June 24, 201102:02 pm

I emailed a few of the companies listed above whose products I like. I already received 2 coupons from Bush's! I just sent out the emails earlier this week. I didn't ask for any coupons, only praised their products. Thanks for sharing.


June 23, 201109:18 am

I can't find a send button!! :-0


June 22, 201111:17 pm

I called Bayer to report a problem with printing their One a Day vitamin coupon, and they sent me five booklets of coupons for everything from vitamins, aleve, alkasletzer, etc. Great company!!


June 22, 201109:08 pm

I never ask either and usually do really well! But you have to be patient, for every 4 I write...I may have 3 that just tell me thank you for my comments and 1 that sends coupons. I will give a piece of advice...don't waste your time on anything by P&G or Betty Crocker. They're full of thank yous. :) Ocean Spray sent me a recipe booklet and a coupon good for one free bag of craisans. Veet, Tyson and Johnsonville all sent multiple $1 off coupons and Revlong emailed me a link to print off a coupon.


June 22, 201108:09 pm

I just started doing this but have already received 2 - .50 q's for Heinz 57 steak sauce and 2 - 1.00 coupons off any thomas product (english muffins)!! I think this is an awesome thing you do and is a great reminder to someone like me who forget if I didnt stalk your blog daily !!


June 22, 201105:34 pm

I contacted Playtex about their baby products, and I got an email about getting a coupon in 7-10 days. Very excited to see what it is for! :)


June 22, 201105:26 pm

The first one I asked for a coupon...the other ones I didnt...but I guess they knew cause they emailed me and told me thanks but no coupon can be sent.


June 22, 201104:22 pm

I never ask for a coupon and have received more coupons without asking then when I did- even from the same company!


June 22, 201104:17 pm

lucsmom, Don't give up. I usually get 1-2 companies to send me coupons each week. Not every company will send coupons, but a lot do!


June 22, 201104:10 pm

I've tried this for 2 companies whose products I love and all declined to give me a coupon saying they get asked too much and give out coupons :(