Here’s a reason to run out to Walgreens!!

It’s been reported that when you buy Gatorade (20 oz) priced at $1.70, you receive a Catalina for both a FREE Gatorade Prime and a FREE Gatorade Recover! Plus when you redeem the coupon for the Prime and Recover, it prints another Catalina! And it just keeps rolling (for now)!

Here’s your scenario:

Transaction #1:
Buy Gatorade (20 oz) – $1.70

Pay $1.70, get back a FREE Gatorade Prime and a FREE Gatorade Recover Catalina coupon

Transaction #2:
Buy Gatorade Prime – $2.49

Buy Gatorade Recover – $3.79
Use your free coupons from transaction #1
Pay NOTHING, get back another FREE Gatorade Prime and a FREE Gatorade Recover Catalina coupon

and so on and so on!! Of course, this can change at any time, so don’t wait!

(thanks Wild For Wags!)

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August 29, 201107:54 pm

This does not work in Kansas City Metro Area


August 27, 201105:10 pm

I just tried this, and it didn't work for me :(


August 26, 201104:22 pm

This worked at the store I went to but the free product was expired at the two stores I went to.. Is this why they are giving them away for free?


August 25, 201108:35 pm

It's still working today 8-25-2011. Get yours while you can!!


August 24, 201111:33 pm

Went to 2 different stores today (so as not to clear one out)! Purchased one 32 oz bottle for $1.50 and got 13 pairs of the Prime and Recover for just the cost of tax and still ended with another coupon! Great deal!

Jamie K.

August 24, 201108:26 pm

Thanks!! :) the 32oz gatorade does work but i got 4 at one store & didnt want to clear them out and went to another and it didnt work. :(


August 24, 201105:44 pm

Jamie, I did the 24 oz so I am guessing it probably works with any of the Gatorades.


August 24, 201105:43 pm

Just did this deal (6x)! Such a great deal!! Would have purchased more but I didn't want to clear the shelves lol!

Jamie K.

August 24, 201105:38 pm

Does it work with 32 oz bottles? My walgreens didnt have the 20oz ones. The 32oz are marked 2/3.00 or 1.69each.


August 24, 201103:19 pm

Got it.... Thank You sooooo much!!