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With the Back-to-School Season in full swing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all that shopping, especially in these economically challenging times! Here are a few suggestions that will help you keep more money in your wallet, while getting everything your little student wants and deserves!


Shop Thrift Stores. Many schools are now requiring uniforms. Check your local thrift store or online merchant, like Ebay for gently used uniforms on the cheap! You may also want to check with friends and/or yard sales!

Use a Cash-Back site for Online Shopping. If used clothes aren’t your thing, be sure to use sites like Ebates or Shop At Home to earn cash back on all your online purchases. Plus, if you’re new to these sites you will also earn a $5 sign up bonus! Be sure to sign up for store eNewsletters so you are offered member-exclusive coupons and discounts.

Stock up on Clearance Items. No, your Kindergartner isn’t going to wear that size 7 shirt right away, but if it’s on clearance for $3 you may as well pick it up NOW for next year! Take advantage of those end of season clearance sales and always think ahead! I have a whole drawer full of “one size too big” items that I snagged for next to nothing. And as we parents all know…next year comes faster than we expect!

School Supplies

Buy School Supplies for the whole year. What little kid (or adult for that matter) doesn’t love a brand new box of crayons? Well, make sure you stock up when crayons are a $0.25 in August so you can still have brand new crayons in January! The trick is keeping those little fingers out of the supply box so you CAN save them for all year round! See my back to school comparison chart for the best weekly deals on school supplies this year.

Be sure to only buy items that are on your child’s list from the school. It’s easy to go nutso and overbuy, but many times those items are not needed. Do your best to stick to the list.

Use coupons! Yes, there are coupons for school supplies! Search my coupon database and you will find coupons for pens, paper, crayons and more!

Invest in a good quality backpack so you don’t have to buy one every year.

School Lunch

Pack your child’s lunch! This also ensure they will be getting a healthy, well-balanced meal.

Use reusable bags. Cheaper and good for the environment!

Don’t buy individual servings that cost more. Instead, buy in bulk and divide into smaller packages yourself.

What suggestions do you have for back to school savings? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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August 18, 201107:39 pm

Thanks. That is the best lunchbox ever. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for that one.


August 18, 201103:24 pm

@lucsmom her post about the lunchbox... http://couponkatarina.com/2011/03/gilt-groupe-the-it-lunchbox-for-12-shipping-today-only/


August 18, 201102:19 pm

I love the lunch box in the picture. What kind is it?


August 18, 201103:30 pm

That is called The "It" Lunchbox, from Goodbyn. You can get it on Amazon. I got mine from a website called Gilt. Here is the post, but it's not being offered right now. http://couponkatarina.com/2011/03/gilt-groupe-the-it-lunchbox-for-12-shipping-today-only/