My Coke Rewards has a special offer! Enter codes from six caps from 20-oz bottles of any Coca-Cola product at My Coke Rewards then enter promotion code TSHIRT, FOOTBALL, MYTEAM, TOUCHDOWN to score a FREE Fall Football Collegiate T-Shirt!  The best part is you can enter six more cap codes and re-enter the same promotion codes for a total of  8 FREE Tshirts! Limit is 2 shirts per code.

I actually tested this offer and have received confirmation emails! Choose a men’s  or women’s T-Shirt from 19 of your favorite teams. They don’t offer many size options but it is FREE!  Offer valid through 11/30.

If your rewards don’t pop up right away there is a “your special offers” link next to ‘sign out’ link.  That should bring up all your offers!

Note: some have reported that any size package codes will work but I used 20 oz bottle caps.

(thanks One Momma Saving Money!)

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October 30, 201111:46 am

See, I don't even follow football, but I can sell them on eBay as men and women's bundle or if they don't sell they can go to my local Salvation Army. Goodwill doesn't deserve them since they do not actually help the homeless or the community – it's a fact!


September 26, 201102:12 pm

Each code has a different set of schools to choose from, ranging from 10-31 different teams. If you don't see your school, just keep trying!


September 22, 201110:30 am

OMG!! They had University of Dayton!!! This made my whole day!


September 22, 201109:55 am

yes, enter the six cap codes then enter the promotion codes in the same place and you will be able to choose a college tshirt. I was sent a confirmation for every shirt I submitted for. I don't know how long supplies will last.


September 22, 201109:32 am

So, all you have to do is enter the 6 codes as you normally would, then enter then promo code?


September 21, 201111:29 pm

yes!!!!!!1 i got the comfirmatiom email. thanks so much.


September 21, 201111:23 pm

Thanks! I used Powerade caps which are also double points this week & entered each of the 4 t-shirt promo codes twice to score 8 free shirts!!


September 21, 201111:19 pm

i'm sorry maybe i don't undestand but i order 8 and din't ask me for the cap codes. so now i'm not sure if my order went througth.


September 21, 201110:55 pm

One side note to this, you will enter each code separately, tshirt is one code, football is another and so on. Also the codes need to be entered where you enter your coke rewards codes.


September 21, 201110:12 pm

That seems like a random assortment of teams. They don't have my team (or even our arch rivals), but at the very least we can get a free work-out shirt! Thanks for letting us know about this nifty deal!