There will be NO coupons in this weekend’s newspaper! This will give you time to organize what you do have. I know I have several coupons expiring, and need to go through to make sure I don’t let any good ones go to waste!

You’ll also want to take the time to print any of the printable coupons you have NOT yet printed from, Redplum & Smartsource before they reset or disappear.

I hope everyone has a wonderful LONG weekend and come Tuesday morning…ORGANIZED Coupons!!

:: Need help organizing those coupons? Here’s a repost of my vlog I did awhile back.

The number one reason why so many coupons go unused is because many (with good intentions) clip them, only to forget they have them when it comes time to purchase the item. Some people like to clip every coupon and file it right away, some people like to keep their coupon inserts in tact, file them by date and clip them before they go to the store. If you are the former, what do you do with all of those coupons once they’re clipped? For starters, get yourself a small accordian style coupon organizer (usually only a couple dollars at Walmart). When you find yourself with too many coupons to fit, it’s time to graduate to the coupon binder.

As I stated in my video, you can purchase the baseball card inserts at Walmart (near the checkout) or Amazon. Everything else you need can be found at basically any store that sells office type supplies.

And please leave your comments below if you have anything to add on the subject of coupon organization! I learn new tricks all the time and most of them come from you guys, so please share!

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