Here is a current list of FREE Walmart items. Please keep in mind that Walmart prices and selection as well as coupon availability can vary GREATLY from by region, but these can serve as a guideline. If you know of something not on the list, please let us know!!


And don’t forget to take your coupon for a FREE 2 oz RevitaLens OcuTec MPDS Starter Kit with lens case in the Walmart vision center. Additionally, print this completed coupon to receive a FREE Lens Cloth and Cleaner! One per customer, while supplies last.

View the Walmart Corporate Coupon Policy. I would suggest printing it and taking it with you to avoid any most cashier issues.

For the coupons with values higher than item prices, make sure you have purchased other items to cover the overage.

(thanks so much Couponing To Disney, Peachy Saving, I Heart The MartStingy Momma, Clipping My Blessings!)

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October 15, 201101:33 am

The 4/1 purina coupon from 10/9 ss is a moneymaker!!! My local walmart has the boxes for 2.97, that's 1.03 overage! The q says any size!


October 14, 201101:33 am

arrid xx is free at walmart with walgrweens price match...


October 13, 201102:06 am

the registers at my walmart take these razor coupons with out a hitch...its until some manager or cashier decides to read them and wonders why its such a high value coupon for a cheap product.


October 12, 201109:18 pm

yeah this happened to me the other day.


October 12, 201101:08 pm

The $1.97 razors are not ST2 razors. Though my Walmart was selling them as such and the deceptive packaging makes you think that's what they were. I've been getting these razors all summer and finally started having problems with the coupon until I was told that the large ST2 on the front of the package is telling us what the 2 free razors are, the rest of the package is not ST2 and apparently Walmart hasnt been getting paid from Schick for the coupons used for ST2 razors on the value pack. The packaging is very deceptive..blaming Schick here for that and they should know better and also blaming Walmart for putting schk ST2 on the shelf price tag and selling them as such. I think their deceptive practices are coming back to bite them in the butt. Found all this out after a 20 minute ordeal with a manager yesterday. ARGHH!


October 12, 201112:17 am

recyclebank sent me 250 points...this is what they had to say: We think it's time to treat yourself. You've certainly earned it — taking all those pledges and green actions? anyone else receive a random 250 points? lol