I’m one of those people who is always on a diet. My mother in law tells me that’s why I’m not super overweight…because I’m always conscious that I need to keep my weight in check, although I’m afraid I really get on peoples nerves with my “I’m on a diet” announcement every couple months.  I’m also VERY type A and can never start a diet in the middle of the week. It always has to be in the beginning of the week. Which brings me to this…January 1st also happens to fall on a Sunday! First of the week, first of the month AND first of the year…oh boy!! It’s the perfect storm!! I don’t see that I have a choice here, I MUST start a new diet!!

I’ve tried every diet under the sun. But the only time that I ever lost a big chunk of weight was when I joined Weight Watchers online. This is because it is not a diet…it’s a lifestyle. It took a good 8 weeks to get to where I wanted to be, but it was worth it. I was so skinny and so happy!! YAY ME!!! 🙂  Then I gradually started eating all the wrong foods again and never went back to that “way of life”. I am so busy with the blog, homeschooling, keeping up with housework and many many other things that I’m sure everyone can relate to, that I barely have time to even think about eating well. I just throw whatever is closest in my mouth, which is not always the best choice. I am now at my heaviest and want to lose at least 20 pounds (if not more!). I also want to schedule time to cook more…like EVERY NIGHT. I absolutely LOVE to cook. It is truly one of the things that I enjoy most and have not had time to do every night. Weight Watchers will force me to take the time to prepare meals and get organized…which is another one of my goals.

So, here’s the plan. I am starting Weight Watchers on January 1st. I will be tracking my progress here on the blog. I will also be posting frugal menu ideas to help us stay on track. If you’re not familiar with the Weight Watchers plan, I will start off by telling you that you can eat ANYTHING you want. There are no food restrictions; you just have to track your points. You get a set amount of points to eat every day, depending on your weight/gender, etc. and as long as you stay within your points goal for the day…you’re doing great! You will have some leeway for the entire week as well. The only downside to the program is that it can be time consuming. You need to PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE. And I am not viewing this as a downside this year, because I WANT to be prepared. I want to be ORGANIZED. I thrive on having a well stocked refrigerator and pantry with everything ready for me. The only way to succeed is to make sure that you have plenty of options at your fingertips and that you track everything you eat.

So, who’s with me?

Weight Watchers is currently offering a $29.95 savings when you sign up for the 3-month plan. So, you pay just $18.95 per month (a total of $56.85 for the 3-month plan) and you get so many tools and benefits with the online plan!

With Weight Watchers, every food has a PointsPlus value, which takes into account a food’s protein, carbs, fat, and  fiber. Using advancements in nutritional science, they’ve developed a formula that helps wrap it all up into one easy-to-use, number. You’ll get a daily personalized PointsPlus Target, so you know how much to eat to lose weight safely―while feeling satisfied. You can even earn more points by logging your exercise!

And this is not just limited to my female readers. I know I have plenty of male readers who may want to participate as well! Weight Watchers has a fantastic program for men too and you will not believe the amount of food you get to eat!

If you plan on joining me in losing weight (average 2 pounds per week)….you can SIGN UP HERE and then please LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW so I can get an idea of how many people are in! All that is required of you is that you log your weekly weight (or weight loss) with me here on the blog when I post that on Mondays. You can remain anonymous if you would like…but keep in mind that you are among friends here. 😉 We will have our own weekly Weight Watchers “meetings” and keep each other motivated by sharing our experiences and tips.

You will not be disappointed in your results!!  And I am soooooo excited to get started and to help everyone out with some great menu plans and healthy recipes!

 Click HERE to get started

Disclosure: Compensated Affiliate. All statements and opinions are 100% honest and remain my own. Always have been, always will be.

Love our readers
I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.

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January 5, 201207:17 pm

I am in!! I have 20 pounds to lose by summer! :)


January 4, 201211:47 am

Just joined two days ago! I'm exclusively nursing so I won't be losing as fast as most but thats ok.would love a team support!


January 1, 201208:01 pm

I am a WW member, looking to finish up weight loss this year!!


January 1, 201203:37 pm

I am an online member, but would love to join your group.

Charlene T

January 1, 201208:17 am

I am going to try and do it the best as I can without "officially" joining. Budget wise I just cannot swing it rght now. But excited for the motivation to do this as a group.


December 31, 201107:42 pm

I am in. I am already doing Weight Watchers and have lost 6 lbs so far. I will try to share the food finds that get talked about at my meeting, too.


December 31, 201106:55 pm

YIPPEE!!! I am a life-time member of WW and a "life-time" FAN of CK, so I am super excited that you will be putting two of my faves together. Since my last baby I've still got QUITE a BIT of weight to lose. My goal is to lose until I feel GREAT...


December 29, 201103:32 pm

I would love to be part of the group but, does this also work for local meeting groups or do I have to join the group that is part of my meetings? Do you know?


December 29, 201107:54 am

I would love to see how others are doing, swapping meal ideas and hearing what food items from the grocery store are good and what points value they are. I'm in!


December 29, 201103:08 am

I'm in!! Have a trip to Vegas in March...want to lose 30 :) Help!


December 28, 201111:20 pm

I'm in. I'm turning 40 this coming year and I want to be fit and eating healthy. This gives me a push in the right direction. :)


December 28, 201108:21 pm

Sounds like a plan! I've been ailing over the thought of starting ww all week! Would love to have company.


December 28, 201105:40 pm

I am going to start! :):)


December 28, 201105:05 pm

I'm in! Thanks for the motivation.

Lorraine C

December 28, 201109:45 am

There's no better inspiration than fellow WW members...and since I'm online for this coupon blog all the time, it makes sense to do it together and lose weight and eat healthier (and find creative ways to have couponing help us out!). So count me in! ;) My aim is to lose weight and thru couponing save $ for a family cruise next December...where I will feel better about wearing a bathing suit! ;)


December 28, 201108:53 am

Lets do it. I LOVED Weight Watchers when I did it the first time. I need it back in my life :)


December 28, 201108:16 am

I have been doing ww for a couple weeks now! I just do the frozen meals as I never have time to cook either. I have been off track for the holidays and would be happy to join up with you::)

Deb G.

December 28, 201106:37 am

I would love to do this! I will not be doing WW per say, but would love to see what you are doing and be accountable to a one week 'check-in' with the group. Let me know if this is okay, or if this is for WW members only.


December 28, 201111:26 am

That's totally fine Deb...you may miss out on a lot of the tools available to members only, but you can participate in any capacity you would like! We'd love to have you! :)


December 27, 201110:49 pm

Count me in! I just finished off the cheesecake from Christmas! It's time to get back on track!

Jamie Wright

December 27, 201109:26 pm

I'm in!!! I could use some encouraging words myself as I lose some weight! I've done weight watchers before and loved it....since I've have our youngest child 2 years ago i find it hard to get myself motivated!


December 27, 201108:51 pm

I would love to join! I have had a WW Membership for a while but just haven't been able to keep myself on track. This will be great motivation for me. I would like to lose 30 pounds (or more). Thanks for the group!


December 27, 201108:29 pm

This is very tempting. I've done WW on my own 3 times before with success at 2 of the times. I'll need to look at my budget.


December 27, 201107:57 pm

I am a member of Online WW already would like to work with you on losing weight and eating healthy. Judy