Each store sets their own policy on how many coupons they will accept, so you’ll want to ask your store manager.

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Virginia Watson

December 15, 201708:36 pm

I am having a hard time getting to download the pork loin onto my kroger card, I need to know on how to do it.


March 22, 201711:50 pm

Hello!!! I have a question. I have been couponing for a few years now...with so much help from you and others here! (Thank you so much :-)). My question is, is there a limit on how many coupons you can use total? Not just "like" coupons. My stores limit is 4 like coupons, but what about a total number of coupons. For example tonight I had $72.85 in paper coupons. It only took off $39.50 in coupons. I write down and breakdown all my lists and I know I didn't get $33.35 off. After a few of them went through it started to beep at her. She would clear it and scan it again. When I asked her if they were coming off she said yes...however my total kept staying at $111 and some change. One of the managers I assumed who was a manger came over to look at a coupon on another transaction I had and said it wouldn't take because there were too many coupons. There was only 1 of those coupons and about 5 other coupons that were not the same. She said "oh well they changed something in our system, I have no idea what though". Knowing I'm going to use coupons should she tell me if something changed. I have been shopping here for years and years and have never had this problem. So I'm out $33.35 and they have $33.35 in coupons. What can I do????? This makes my stomach turn. I spend way too many hours on this, just to try and save my family money. Thanks ahead of time everyone!


September 16, 201509:08 am

I am begginning couponing and browsing through your digital coupons. It says use up to 3 times or 5 times. How do you do that? does it do it automatically? So like gatorade, if I have digital for 30 cents off and I can use it up to 5 times...so if i buy 5 of them does the digital coupon automatically take it off 5 times??