For families across the country, eating in is becoming as alluring as dining out. In fact, two in five Americans say they prepare meals at home five or more times a week. Between the pots, pans, and plates that are used to create home cooked cuisines, sinks are filled and sponges are getting a workout.

New Palmolive Dish & Sponge Fresh Dish Liquid helps ease the cleanup process with a multi-tasking formula that cuts through baked on grease and washes away odor causing residue on sponges and keeps them smelling fresh! This newest introduction form Ultra Palmolive is a multi-tasking, dish cleaning must-have for kitchens across the country.

I recently had the opportunity to try out the new Palmolive and it REALLY does help with sponge odor If you’re a sponge user like myself, you know how they can start to get that mildew smell. Well, not with Palmolive. Fresh sponges are all you’ll smell!  And even if you start to smell an inkling of mildew, just squirt some Palmolive on that sucker and it’s gone in seconds. I am loving it! My sponges are lasting MUCH longer and no stink! 🙂


(3) Kroger Krazy readers will win a full size Palmolive Dish & Sponge Fresh Dish Liquid!

To enter to win, just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. It’s super easy, so don’t let it intimidate you! All options are just that – options (no mandatory entries). That means you can pick and choose the entry methods you like and skip those you don’t. Of course I would love for you to “follow me”, but if you just want to leave a comment for your entry (be sure to check that one on the Rafflecopter), then that’s all you need to do. All other options serve as extra entries into the giveaway.

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Amy b

August 7, 201211:43 pm

a nsponge for the dishes that r not dishwasher safe or just don't fit :)

Lily Kwan

August 7, 201207:40 pm

I wash my dishes with a sponge.

Barbara Kelly

August 7, 201211:02 am

I prefer sponges with the scrubber on the back.

Katrina E

August 7, 201210:46 am

I use both, depending on what I'm washing.

Julie Powers

August 7, 201210:36 am

Sponge.....would like to win Palmolive's newest product:)


August 6, 201210:24 pm

I use a wash cloth

katherine d

August 6, 201206:20 pm

i use a sponge


August 6, 201202:51 pm

I use a dishwasher most of the time, but when that won't do, I use a sponge or a magic eraser.

alex h

August 5, 201208:01 am

I use a sponge.


August 5, 201201:53 am

I use dishwasher mostly and wash clothes some.


August 4, 201212:11 pm

I use a sponge and a plastic scrubby.


August 4, 201206:54 am

I use a washcloth


August 3, 201210:53 pm

I use a scrubber brush


August 3, 201208:16 pm

Thanks for the chance to win!


August 3, 201205:25 pm

just use a dishrag and dish soap!

Julie H

August 3, 201203:00 pm

I use a sponge with a scrubby side.


August 3, 201212:25 pm

I love that you do these awesome giveaways. Good luck everyone.

Sarah Ashmore

August 3, 201211:36 am

I use both a sponge and a washcloth.

gina galeana

August 3, 201211:06 am

I use a sponge to clean my dishes. And I'd have to say, my families eats dinner at home 7 nights a week! I could really use a new sponge and Palmolive is my favorite dish soap!

Kayla S

August 3, 201210:41 am

I usually use the dishwasher, but if a dish or pot needs a good scrubbing before I put in there, I use a sponge! :)


August 3, 201209:36 am

I would love to try this! =)


August 3, 201202:11 am

I would love to try it out!

kayla harris

August 3, 201201:32 am

clean the dishes first w/ a sponge, then put in dishwasher. would love to try this new soap! :)


August 3, 201212:17 am

Sponge! :)


August 2, 201211:52 pm

Use a sponge with a scrubber on opposite side.


August 2, 201211:00 pm

Dishwasher most of the time and rags for things that can't go in the dishwasher!!!


August 2, 201209:22 pm

Mostly wash cloths, but would like to try something new.


August 2, 201209:13 pm

I use the very cheap sponges and throw them away frequently.


August 2, 201208:42 pm

I have a handle thing with a sponge on the end


August 2, 201207:50 pm

Wash cloths


August 2, 201207:11 pm

I always wash dishes with a sponge.

Jennifer L.

August 2, 201207:10 pm

We use our dishwasher for almost all of our dishes, and use a sponge for scraping off the stuck-on food on our dishes before loading them in the dishwasher. This sounds like a great new product to try! :-)


August 2, 201207:05 pm

have tried finding thses new bottles, hopefully it will be soon;) I go through an awful lot of this stuff...

Karen H in NC

August 2, 201207:05 pm

I use my dishwasher for most of my dishes but those things that are not dishwasher safe, I wash using a handi-wipes cloth.


August 2, 201206:35 pm

Sounds great. I put my sponge in the dishwasher weekly to clean it.


August 2, 201206:32 pm

I use both.

Katie L

August 2, 201206:15 pm

I switch between a sponge and washcloth


August 2, 201206:14 pm

I normally use a sponge, but sometimes use a dishcloth! Would love to try this! Thanks for all you do!

Lisa M

August 2, 201205:59 pm

Nice, would love to try this new product!


August 2, 201205:10 pm

a sponge

Eric in NJ

August 2, 201205:07 pm

Sheesh, this would sure beat vinegar, bleach, or washing sponges with our dog towels!