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Are your carpets in need of a good shampooing? If so there’s a great Rug Doctor coupon available to print! Renting a Rug Doctor is a great option if you don’t have a carpet cleaner of your own or don’t want to hire a service, and it only costs $29.99 at Kroger.

$10.00/1 Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning Solution with a Rug Doctor Machine Rental

To go along with that, if you join the Savings Club you will also have access to another great coupon for a FREE Rug Doctor Cleaner (up to $14.99) when you rent a Rug Doctor Machine! Plus, right now you can join the Savings Club FREE for a whole year ($30 value)! For more information you can check out this post.

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Samantha Redd

October 8, 202006:15 pm

Rug Doctor coupon please and thank you very much. In need of coupon right away

Susie Atnip

August 7, 202009:41 am

Need to rent a carpet cleaner. Would love a coupon


November 11, 201902:38 pm

I needed a coupon for my rental tomorrow.

Kelsey Marie

August 28, 201911:57 am

Would love rug dr coupon please and thank you


June 28, 201901:20 pm

Yes how soon can you send me coupons I'm ready to rent my rug Doctor right now


June 12, 201903:07 pm

rug doctor coupons please

Shannon Brown

April 15, 201910:33 pm

Need coupons my house has a bad smell from the people that use to live here and they had dogs

Shannon Brown

April 15, 201910:31 pm

I need a rug Doctor and coupons like today really need to clean my carpet in my house from ur the people who us to live here had a dog and the house smells

Holly Spitzer-Schroth

March 8, 201907:21 am

I would like a coupon please for rental today? That would be great, if possible. Thank you kindly, Holly S.

Ginger Mullins

February 23, 201906:27 pm

Yes would love coupon on shampooer.

Alicia Cabezudo

February 7, 201906:38 pm

Need a rug doctor coupon please asap. Have a new puppy and rugs are horrible

LaDon Barnes

January 5, 201908:32 am

neeed a coupon please for the rug doctor

Tianyu Zhu

January 4, 201901:40 pm

Coupon for the Rug doctor machine.


November 13, 201806:14 pm

Coupon for the Rug doctor machine. Thanks!


October 27, 201802:36 am


Angela Wilson

October 18, 201810:42 pm

Need coupon please!


August 17, 201807:26 pm

Will you please send me a coupon for rug shampoo & carpet cleaner rental? Thank you very much!!!

T Mcmichael

August 15, 201812:15 am

Send coupon

Nykiesha L Ryan

August 14, 201801:14 am


Andrea J CARR

August 13, 201801:00 pm

Need a coupon please


August 9, 201804:25 pm

Coupon for carpet cleaner rental. Thanks.

Dora Ross

August 9, 201802:15 am

Need coypon please

Amy Garrard

July 30, 201812:41 pm

Need a coupon,please

Ali Wilde

July 26, 201805:15 pm

I would like a coupon for the Rug Doctor please.

Justin Workman

July 25, 201812:57 pm


Daphane Mccuin

July 17, 201808:47 am


Barbara Nell Newton Brown

June 30, 201812:56 am

Please I need a coupon, thank you!

Jack Deal

June 15, 201811:49 am

i need a coupon for carpet cleaner. thank you.

Shawnita may

June 9, 201809:34 pm

If this coupon is legit and is redeemable can u please send me one... I need to get chocolate milk out of my carpet!!! Thanks!!

Rhonda Morris

May 26, 201806:28 am

My name is Rhonda Morris and I'm very interested in renting one of your cleaners my mom lives with me and we've been in our home for two years and I really need a coupon so I can shampoo my carpet I have having someone to come out and clean the carpet it has got very expensive

Ashley Hendrickson

May 19, 201808:45 pm

Coupon plz...I need it real bad.


May 18, 201807:18 pm

Coupon please and thank you

Kristina L Kirchgessner

April 22, 201811:28 pm

Would like a carpet and shampoo coupon please?

Ashley Houpt

April 20, 201803:18 pm

Would like a Rug doctor steamer and shampoo coupon please

Cynthia Johnsen

April 14, 201801:37 pm

would love coupon for carpet cleaning.


April 8, 201806:39 pm

Rug doctor steam cleaner and shampoo coupon plase. Thanks

B. Chisley

March 30, 201805:47 am

I need a Rug doctor steam cleaner coupon please . Thanks.

Dennis S

March 12, 201805:03 pm

Rug doctor steam cleaner and shampoo coupon plase. Thanks

Raul Cabrera

February 26, 201810:34 am

Rug doctor steam cleaner and shampoo coupon plase. Thanks

Tawnya Childress

February 24, 201810:26 am

Rug doctor steam cleaner coupon , please


December 18, 201710:39 pm

I would like a coupon

Jordan York

November 21, 201701:28 pm

I would like a rug doctor and shampoo coupon please

A Breton

August 9, 201710:53 am

Looks like a marketing scam. Looks badly on Kroger!


August 5, 201710:23 am

I would like these coupons please. I cannot find them at the link given

Tiera Reed

August 1, 201703:02 pm

Yes i would like both coupons


July 3, 201709:57 am

Coupons for carpet cleaner and shampoo please


April 17, 201707:58 pm

I'd like coupons please and thank you.

Gwen Cook

April 7, 201709:22 am

I would like coupons for rug cleaner and shampoo plz.

Brian Miller

February 16, 201702:39 pm

I would like the solution and rug Dr coupon please


January 30, 201701:37 pm

I would like the Rug Dr. coupon also

Sharon sumrall

January 17, 201703:16 pm

I would like coupons for rug doctor please.


December 4, 201603:36 pm

Those coupons do not work when you click on them.

Jeanne Fletcher

November 15, 201609:39 pm

Coupon for Rug Dr. Please

Ann Thomas

November 11, 201603:22 pm

Please send coupons for Rug Doctor & Carpet Cleaner.


November 6, 201608:15 pm

Please email me both coupons


November 2, 201608:09 pm

Can I please get both rug doctor coupons please!!!

Erika Kennedy

October 17, 201611:38 am

If coupon still available, can you please email me the coupon. Thank you!

Mary Sh

August 20, 201609:54 am

Would you please email coupon, if still available? TIA!


August 19, 201604:27 pm

Send coupon please

Nakia Gilmore

August 17, 201611:16 am

Can I get both coupons please

kimberly l. page

August 14, 201611:54 am

Please email me both coupons for the rug doctor. Thanks Kim


August 8, 201610:09 pm

Please send me coupons to rent a rug dr and cleaning products

tonja powell

July 27, 201612:32 pm

Can you email me a rug doctor coupon.

Natoshia Alsip

July 16, 201608:39 pm

Please send me a coupon for the rug doctor and solutions


July 8, 201601:23 pm

Would lime rug doctor coupons

Jeffrey Rodgers

July 7, 201605:14 pm

Please send me coupons for the rug doctor and cleaner.. Thank you


June 26, 201602:53 pm

Want a coupon please

Jennie sessler

June 13, 201611:10 am

I'd like the both coupons please!!!

Tracie Stewart

June 4, 201611:59 pm

Rug doctor coupons please


May 26, 201612:03 pm

I would like a coupons for Rug Doctor and cleaning solution products


April 29, 201604:36 pm

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March 8, 201602:16 pm

Coupon me plz Dr rug


March 8, 201602:15 pm

I would like a Dr Rug coupon

S. Morris

March 7, 201609:21 pm

Rug Doctor coupon

Amy bah

February 29, 201609:42 pm

Pls email me a coupon on Rug Dr.

Lisa pennington

February 28, 201602:59 pm

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December 27, 201511:01 am

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December 22, 201503:12 pm

Would love to have Rug Doctors coupons asap please!

tamatrice gaines

November 22, 201512:31 pm

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tamatrice gaines

November 22, 201512:29 pm

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William larkin

October 28, 201502:30 pm

Would love rug doctor coupons

mitchelle garcia

September 23, 201503:58 pm

Love to get a coupon plz

Ashley Robinson

August 27, 201504:01 pm

Yes please would love coupons

Kristy Westmoreland

August 16, 201502:25 pm

Need coupons for rug dr please


July 31, 201512:00 pm

Coupons for Rug Doctor please!!

Derek Carr

July 26, 201510:08 am

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Anna Lipscomb

July 11, 201508:27 am

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July 6, 201511:41 am

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May 6, 201505:39 pm

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