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We’ve all done it before and our kids have certainly done it before. You get out the big ol’ jug of milk, juice, water, or whatever and start to pour and it goes everywhere but the cup! No worries, the Magic Tap Drink Dispenser is here to save the day.

I am seriously in love with this product. My daughter drinks water all day and I used to find myself refilling her cup for her several times a day. Now, she can just help herself and I don’t have to worry about discovering a huge puddle on the floor.  Plus, she’s 6 now and it’s time for her to start doing little things like this for herself. She loves it too. It makes her feel like a big girl and what a breeze it is for her to use, not to mention kind of fun! 🙂

To use the Magic Tap all you have to do is (1) insert the straw into your drink container, (2) adjust the silicone wings over the opening, (3) then press your glass to the trigger and enjoy! Here are some of the Magic Tap’s perks:

  • No more drips or spills
  • Universal cap fits most containers
  • Kids can help themselves
  • Eliminates heavy lifting and pouring
  • Battery operated so you can use anywhere

Exclusive Offer:

If you would like to order the Magic Tap® Drink Dispenser, they are offering my readers a special promo! $14.99, B1G1 Free, plus 15% off. Let’s do the math: You get 2 for just $12.75 +$8.99 S&H. That’s a 15% SAVINGS and one for FREE!  That makes each one just $10.87 shipped!! Go in with a friend and you’ll be doing really great! Don’t forget to follow Magic Tap on Facebook and Twitter.


(1) Kroger Krazy reader will win a Magic Tap Drink Dispenser!

To enter to win, just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. It’s super easy, so don’t let it intimidate you! All options are just that – options (no mandatory entries). That means you can pick and choose the entry methods you like and skip those you don’t. Of course I would love for you to “follow me”, but if you just want to leave a comment for your entry (be sure to check that one on the Rafflecopter), then that’s all you need to do. All other options serve as extra entries into the giveaway.

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I received a Magic Tap for the purpose of this review. All opinions remain my own.

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September 26, 201207:40 pm


Lily Kwan

September 26, 201212:39 pm

I would use the Magic Tap for milk.


September 24, 201206:45 pm

either milk or lemonaide

Katrina E

September 23, 201209:36 pm

I would use it for water or soda..that is too cool!


September 23, 201209:28 pm

unreal that I drink 2 gal of water per day


September 23, 201209:27 pm

follow you and can't wait to win


September 22, 201212:26 am



September 21, 201211:09 am

This is the first time I seen this... what a great idea! I would use it for tea because my son spills tea all over the floor...which makes it super sticky! Thanks for the opportunity!

susan s

September 20, 201210:48 pm

Water or milk

Sherie C

September 20, 201202:59 pm


Katie L

September 20, 201202:36 pm

milk or water


September 20, 201201:26 pm

For sure Water!!

Jackie Brannen

September 20, 201211:07 am



September 20, 201209:38 am

I would use it for Milk. My 4 year old would think it was great that she could get her own Milk.


September 20, 201209:09 am

Milk or water

lori frost

September 20, 201208:17 am

water water water


September 20, 201208:03 am

I would use it for water.

Weina A.

September 20, 201201:53 am

I'd use it for water.

Melissa G.

September 20, 201212:44 am

I would use it for water mainly and juice occasionally. Thanks for all your work on your site that helps my family save money!


September 19, 201211:57 pm

kool aid


September 19, 201211:26 pm

I would use mine for the giant jugs of juices the kids love!


September 19, 201210:35 pm

I'm loving your site! And what a fun giveaway!


September 19, 201208:59 pm

I would use this for milk with my children. What a great idea!


September 19, 201208:01 pm

I love the idea of this product, you always have such innovative ideas and posts. Thanks Katie, oh and your daughter is a cutie too!

Lauren Keith

September 19, 201207:47 pm

I'll use it on WATER.


September 19, 201207:34 pm

My boys have been begging for one of these! They always have trouble with the heavy milk jugs!


September 19, 201207:20 pm

I will definitely use it for milk and water. My daughter wants to do everything herself and she is only 4 years old. This would be great. Thank you!


September 19, 201207:07 pm



September 19, 201207:00 pm



September 19, 201206:43 pm

I would use it for water!

kayla harris

September 19, 201206:07 pm

water..b/c we need to drink more around here :)


September 19, 201205:56 pm

i would use it for kool aid

Anne Marie

September 19, 201205:09 pm

I would use it for water!!!


September 19, 201204:32 pm

!!! fun way to get kids to drink more water. love it!


September 19, 201204:29 pm


Marie Gush

September 19, 201204:14 pm

great idea for my kids - milk gallon jugs are hard for them


September 19, 201203:51 pm


kristen eby

September 19, 201203:48 pm



September 19, 201203:48 pm



September 19, 201203:33 pm

I would use it for water to make sure my kids are drinking enough

Liz T

September 19, 201203:20 pm

Thank you for this giveaway! If I have one of these dispensers I would use it for milk. My kids constantly spill it trying to be independent, lol Liz T

grace case

September 19, 201203:12 pm

I will use mine for water dispensing.


September 19, 201203:04 pm

for my iced tea!!!

Ashley G

September 19, 201202:43 pm

I would use this for large jug of juice!


September 19, 201202:13 pm

I got two kids and this would really help a lot. I would use it for water or milk. I'm soooo glad I found your site,thanks for your hard work!!!


September 19, 201202:09 pm

do you think I could hook it up to my diet coke tap?? lol I want one!!

gina galeana

September 19, 201202:07 pm

I would use if for milk! I always want my kids to make their own bowl of cereal, but know hey will spill pouring from a gallon jug!


September 19, 201202:05 pm

i'll use it for water. The kids would love it!


September 19, 201202:01 pm

I would use it for apple juice

Kayla S

September 19, 201202:00 pm

I would use it for water, definitely. I think it would absolutely help in getting me to drink more water since it would make it fun haha. :)


September 19, 201201:58 pm



September 19, 201201:56 pm

I would use it for milk. :)


September 19, 201201:54 pm

I just saw the commercial for this 30 minutes ago! I would use it for milk, most commonly spilled beverage (and usually most expensive).

Kellie D.

September 19, 201201:54 pm

A water dispenser would be great!


September 19, 201201:48 pm

i would use it for water!