Companies LOVE to hear from their consumers and are more than happy to send a coupon. You don’t even need to actually come right out and ask for a coupon (although you could). Just send them a simple comment, compliment, criticism – be honest. In most cases, they will send you a coupon(s). In just a few short weeks, we’ve received some GREAT coupons!

Each week, we will be emailing a company in hopes of receiving a coupon.  I will give you the company and a link to the contact or email page for said company. Then it’s up to you to email them your honest comments.

Simply Potatoes

I’d love to hear your ideas for coming weeks! PLEASE email me at couponkatarina at gmail dot com if you have a company you’d like to email for coupons! I also enjoy reading your comments on what you’ve received so keep them coming!

If you’re just getting started on the planning ahead project or want to see the results, be sure to Check Our Progress! Each company is linked directly to their contact page if you need to play “catch-up”!

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September 7, 2012

Blue Diamond offers great, high dollar coupon packets as well!


September 6, 2012

Turkey Hill sends out crazy good coupon packets, and you can request them once a month through their website.