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My Purina Kroger Catalina Scenario: $40 Worth of Pet Food for ONLY $1.52!!

2013 6:33 pm

I feel like I’ve been at Kroger FOREVER! Sorry for the lack of posts…I just could NOT get out there! 🙂 But I did find lots of great deals!!

I wanted to first of all tell you that the Purina Beyond Cat Food boxes ARE generating the Catalina – you know, the one we got a free coupon for this past weekend? Yippie!! My store limits 5 like insert coupons, so I was only able to get 5 boxes in one scenario, but it certainly helped get me to that $40 pre-coupon total!! I also found a FREE Cat Treats coupon in my 1/6 inserts…did you guys get that one too? Some are getting BOGO Free, but my coupon was for just plain free. YAY! Then, I used BOGO coupons for the dog snacks and of course my free can of cat food I won last night. Keep in mind that these free product coupons and bogo free coupons have limitations, so you are not getting the full price of the items for free.

1/14 – 1/27 | Purina Pet Products
Spend $30-$39.99 in a single transaction = $5.00 OYNO
spend $40.00+ in a single transaction = $10.00 OYNO

There is no signage indicating what products are included, and everything I purchased worked, so I’m guessing it’s working for all Purina Products. Here is the scenario I did:

Buy (5) Purina Beyond Cat Food Boxes (16 oz) – $3.39 each
Buy (1) Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Canned Cat Food (3 oz) – $0.50
Buy (2) Purina Beggin Strips (6 oz) – $4.39 each
Buy (2) Purina Busy Bone (7 oz) – $3.99 each
Buy (3) Purina Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats (2.1 oz) – $2.19 each*
Total: $40.78
Use (5) FREE Purina One Beyond Cat Food from 01/13 RP (exp 2/13) (deducted $3.25 each)
Use (1) FREE Purina Fancy Feast Canned Cat Food from Joyful Pet Moments game (deducted $0.50)
Use (1) BOGO Free Purina Beggin Strips wyb Purina Beggin Strips from 1/6 SS (exp 2/6) (deducted $3.75)
Use (1) BOGO Free Purina Busy Product from 1/6 SS (exp 3/6) (deducted $3.69)
Use (3) FREE Friskies Party Mix Brand Cat Treats from 1/6 SS (exp 2/6) (deducted $1.69 each)
Pay $11.52, get back $10 OYNO Catalina
Final cost is $40 worth of Pet Food for ONLY $1.52!!

*Oops! My picture shows 4 bags of cat treats, but one of those was in my 2nd transaction…I only needed 3 to get to my total.

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  1. I had thought that catalina offers were nationwide but my friend has found that they aren’t printing here at Dillon’s in Hutchinson, KS for us.

  2. I was wondering about Kroger affiliates, too. How do we know? Where do we go to find out?

  3. barncat11 says:

    The Purina One cat food boxes are only $3.15 at my Kroger (louisville region) so they were free at my Kroger. I had 12 boxes in my transaction and got the $5 CAT although you only need 10 @ 3.15 = 31.50 = $5 CAT.

  4. Does anyone know why the actual Catalina ad/Catalina Message isn’t listed on the Coupon Network site. My CAT did not print this morning and the only reason why the manager issued me a $10 Kroger gift card was because I had the pic of the CAT shown above in this post. …but I wasn’t very comfortable just using the pic. I would much rather have an actual printed CAT ad from the Coupon Network site itself.

  5. Fantastic shopping! Nice job putting all of those good coupons together.

  6. Do you know if the catalina will print at Kroger affiliates, like Food 4 Less? Thanks.

  7. Liberty, they were in my 1/6 Smartsource insert, but you may have received a BOGO free coupon or nothing at all. You can always order coupons from a clipping service or ebay.

  8. I couldn’t find any the friskies party mix coupons could u help please

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