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NEW “Pop to Save” Kroger Instant Win Game | Win $1, $5, $10 or $15!

2013 8:04 pm

Kroger is offering a new instant win game called Pop To Save! You can instantly win $1, $5, $10 or $15 valid on your next Kroger trip!

  • Go HERE and choose your store
  • Login to your account
  • Click “Build your list”
  • Click 5 items from the list to unlock the game
  • Click “Play Now”
  • Click any balloon to reveal your prize, then claim it
  • Your prize will be loaded to your Shopper Card and will be available on your next trip to the store

You can play once per day! Let us know in the comments what your prize is!

Game Period Ends 1/12/13.  Official Rules

(thanks Kristen & Roseanne!)

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  1. Excellent post. I’m facing some of these issues as well..

  2. Hmmm, what is going on now?!? I tried to play today and it said “pop to save coming soon. Check back 12/30/2012”.
    Obviously, that date has come and gone. Anyone else see this message?

  3. pennie, it automatically deducts the amount u won. i won like 2 $1 and saw it deducts. but with the $3 off if u spend $50. it did not.

  4. Update: The game will work on Firefox only for me. I downloaded it and it worked! Thanks to Courtney for that info. I won $1 again.
    Does anyone know if all the money can be spent in one transaction, and can it be combined with the $3 off $50 e-coupon also?

  5. Balloons still not popping for me, I just tried on multiple browsers.

  6. Wasn’t working on chrome so I tried Firefox and it worked.

  7. I won $1 last night and, $10 today! Thanks for posting!

  8. Milford17 says:

    Balloons wouldn’t pop for me either. I emailed Kroger. Hopefully they will fix it.

  9. I tried earlier this afternoon and just now. No luck… 🙁

  10. Dara Freeman says:

    No popping balloons for me either!

  11. I emailed them. Hopefully the more people that report the issue, the faster they can fix it so we can all win some more money!

  12. I also cannot get the balloons to pop.

  13. Hi Pam, did you email them? I think I will.

  14. Balloons are not popping for me either. 🙁

  15. Something is wrong with the kroger site right now. I kept clicking on the balloons but none of them would pop so reveal a reward. I’ll have to check back later and see if it is working yet.

  16. Received $1 last night, and $10 today! Used them today and they both worked at checkout (on the same transaction) 🙂

  17. I won $10! thank you for posting.

  18. I won $10! Thanks so much for posting this.

  19. I won $1.00 today!

  20. Shauna Martin says:

    I won $1!

  21. Couldn’t get it to work last night but today I won a dollar!

  22. I won $5 last night, and for today got $1. So curious if there’s a limit to how many can use on a purchase? If were able to play everyday could end up with nice amount off bill!

  23. I won $15! Thank you so much for posting!!!

  24. Yeah! I just won $5!

  25. I am jealous of all of you that won $10! I only won $1.

  26. won 1$, I picked the better morning routine

  27. Won $10.00!!!!

  28. I won $10!

  29. Hey I won $1! I couldn’t get the game to work on my ipad though, had to get out my laptop.

  30. Won nothing. 🙁

  31. Anyone else choose the “workout more” balloon and get $1??? Wonder it they are all the same???? hhhmmmmmm???

  32. I won $10.00 of my next order, that is so awsome!!! I love your blog!!!!

  33. I won $1.

  34. Got a buck! Thanks…gonna try for more 🙂

  35. won a buck! Thanks!

  36. Margarita says:

    crashedi guess not functioning

  37. The Kroger servers seem to have crashed 🙁

  38. I won a $1 too.

  39. James Buck says:

    I just won $1.00!

  40. I just won $5, too! That’s great! I wonder if you can only win once during this promotion? I’ll try again tomorrow and see what happens…

  41. Congratulations!

    You’ve won $5 off your next trip!

    Yay =)

  42. Thank you so much for posting! I won $10!!

  43. Ang Musick says:

    I won a $1.

  44. Hello, I won $1, EVERY bit helps – thanks for your site and money saving tips!!

  45. I won $5!

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