You may have seen this in your Kroger ad this week, and also in my weekly matchups…but I thought I would post again in case you missed it.

This Friday, March 15th between 4-8 pm stop into your local Kroger to receive a FREE bag of Lays or Doritos chips! These will most likely be a single serve size and they typically offer coupons as well!  Make your plans!

Go HERE to see if your store is participating!

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April 1, 2013

Hey everyone! In case you missed it, we are giving away the Kroger Brand chips this weekend! (4/5/13) Come out and get your free chips and keep us reps entertained! :)


March 14, 2013

Thanks Brad. People were getting coupons last week with their free Ten soda, so I figured it may be the same this week.


March 13, 2013

As someone who works there, they are nice size bags for free. I believe 2 oz, maybe slightly bigger. Definitely larger than the old school 25 cent bags. 4 different new bags as shown. No coupons though, unless there is a rep that will be on hand to give them out. Frito Lay is definitely spending some coin on this promotion.