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As I mentioned last week, we have a General Mills Catalina generating at Kroger: Purchase 4 participating items, and you will receive a $2 On Your Next Order Catalina!

4/28 – 5/29 | General Mills Participating Items
Buy (4) = $2.00 OYNO

Here is the full list of inclusions along with coupon matchups. Please let me know if I missed anything and I will add it to the list. All of the deal scenarios I have listed here have you purchasing 4 of the same item, however you can mix and match these items anyway you please. In fact, some of them will be better deals if you do in fact mix them with other products.


There is no limit to how many of these you can get…just be sure to separate your transactions if you plan on getting more than 4 as it may be limit one reward per transaction! Kim did comment that she bought 12 cans of Green Giant Vegetables all in one transaction and received 3 of the $2.00 OYNO’s. Michelle also tested this out thoroughly and it is LIMIT 4 Rewards per transaction, so you can purchase 16 of these items at once. After that, be sure to separate your transactions. And as usual, Kroger Catalinas DO ROLL!

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May 9, 201311:42 am

Can the catalina be rolled? Can i buy four things, get my catalina, then use it in another transaction to buy four more?


May 2, 201303:08 pm

Perfect storm alert! Green Giant frozen boxed veggies are 10 for $10. Peelies on boxes are $1.00 off 3. I was aware of this cat as well as another that is - buy 10 get $2.00 ONYO. I tested the deal today. I bought 12. Used 4 peelies. Paid $8.00 + tax. Got 4! $2.00 cats! All I paid was tax! I am not sure if it will work for everyone, but it is working in the Decatur, Illinois area.


May 1, 201301:02 pm

Ben was your store price marked and what area are you in ??


April 30, 201310:23 am

I just found this last night, and our Kroger has Green Giant canned vegetables on sale 3/$1. The catalina print cutoff is 4 per order, but the customer service desk was willing to help out and put the remainder on a giftcard. Overall, using this deal alone I was able to get $380 worth of groceries and they paid me $40 to do it!


April 30, 201309:30 am

What is the Spring Essential Boooklet? Im not familar with that


April 29, 201309:32 pm

I went to Kroger today and the Green Giant Frozen Box vegetables were 2 for $3 not part of the 10/$10


April 29, 201308:06 pm

I was wondering if maybe there was a printable totino's pizza coupon. My kids love these but there is never a smartsource insert in my paper.


April 29, 201305:01 pm

I went to Kroger today and the Green Giant canned vegetables were 4/$5 on sale, bought 4 and it did produce a $2 ONYO.