Recyclebank has added three new earning opportunities! Click on each of the images in this post to gain access!

Earn 100 Recyclebank Points with 10 green tips from the ‘80s
Open Recyclebank’s ‘80s Eco Time Capsule! They’ve dusted off some real treasures from the 1980s, plus lots of great green tips.

Explore the decade’s milestones and earn up to 100 Recyclebank Points!

Quiz Yourself on Pop Culture From the Past for 40 Recyclebank Points 
Do you know pop culture from the past? Quiz yourself and earn 40 points on Recyclebank’s Facebook page.

Relive the ‘90s and Earn 100 Recyclebank Points
Nostalgic for the ‘90s? Open Recyclebank’s Eco Time Capsule this week! You’ll discover some awesome pop culture nuggets from the decade that introduced us to Central Perk, Beanie Babies and Google. And you’ll find some excellent Earth Month tips to help you live a little greener.

Earn 100 Recyclebank Points this week. And be sure to join us next week as our Earth Month celebration enters the new millennium!

Learn more about Sustainable Sourcing for 30 Recyclebank Points
Learn how sustainably sourced products benefit the planet for 30 Recyclebank Points. Brought to you by Unilever.

Discover how ingredients can be more sustainable for 30 Recyclebank Points
Discover how delicious ingredients can be. Learn how smart sourcing begins at the farm and earn 30 Recyclebank Points. Brought to your by Knorr.

New to Recyclebank? Sign up for FREE here. RecycleBank partners with cities and haulers to reward households for recycling. Households earn RecycleBank Points that can be used to shop at over 1,500 local and national businesses. Earn RecycleBank Points good for all kinds of green actions like using renewable energy, reusing products, digital downloads, recycling your electronic waste, and much more. One of the rewards is FREE COUPONS! There are several coupons available and they constantly change. I have redeemed my points for Coke coupons, CVS total purchase coupon, FREE Kashi products and more!



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