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SUPER excited to tell you guys about Tomatoink, but first a little backstory:

As you probably can guess, I print a ton of coupons! I am constantly picking up ink for my Kodak printer…sometimes a couple times a month! While Kodak ink is “supposed” to be lower priced than other brands (which is why I bought my printer in the first place), it still adds up when I go through them so quickly…plus they keep raising the price! It’s seirously a HUGE bill for me every month. I have also been getting LOTS of questions from readers on how to save on ink. I am so excited to tell you guys about this because I think it’s definitely something you’ll want to try!


A friend and I were discussing the cost of ink and she highly suggested Tomatoink – a company that buys their ink and toner in high volumes FROM the manufacturer which is why they can offer it so cheap – up to 80% off!  They also offer a 1-year money back guarantee on all of their products…so why not try it? By the way, she has been using this company for awhile and RAVES about it. Plus, I love that it is based in Portland Oregon (not some overseas company) and their shipping is VERY reasonable as well.


Additionally, right now if you use the promo code SUMMER12 at checkout you’ll receive ANOTHER 12% discount (through 5/31)!


So, here is what I just ordered. As you can see I decided to go for the larger package because any order over $50 ships FREE! Anything under $50 is ONLY $3.99, which is not bad at all. I purchased 5 black and 3 color high yield cartridges.

  • Walmart Price: $159.76 (for all 8 cartridges)
  • Tomatoink Price: $56.25

CRAZYtalk!! I just saved over $100 and didn’t even have to leave my house!! WOOHOO!

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June 7, 201301:44 am

Searched around a bit and I'm finding a current coupon code: COUPONZONE works for 15% off! :) I ALWAYS look for a code when ordering online; it's so easy and always awesome to save! Thanks for the tip and for your amazing website!


May 25, 201310:30 am

how did the new cartridges work out?


May 25, 201311:22 am

Chrissy, I'm happy to report that they are working PERFECTLY! I haven't noticed ANY difference at all. :)


May 11, 201304:24 pm

Thank you!! Saved me around $20 or so.


May 11, 201307:12 am

We have a laser printer Brother HL-2170W. They normally sell for around $100 but sometimes they are on sale for $50. Toner is only around $30 on amazon and it lasts me for a year or 2. I had an ink jet printer and I'd have to change my ink every couple months from printing coupons. I've had no problems with my brother printer printable coupons scanning. I usually buy my toner on amazon with the giftcards I get from swagbucks. Thanks for the site! The prices are great and it'll save a ton from printing all the coupons!


May 10, 201301:40 pm

Great prices! We have a Samsung color laser and the toner cartridges are so expensive, but we only have to replace them maybe once a year - when we need to place an order, I may just use this place - they have the best prices I have seen without going refurbished. Thanks for the site!


May 10, 201301:19 pm

Hi Robyn, I just ordered them for the first time today...but my friend has not mentioned these issues. I actually sometimes have had those same issues with ink I've purchased at Walmart. One night NONE of my coupons scanned. It has more to do with how the ink is aligned I believe. Since this is the SAME exact ink they sell to retailers, I'm thinking that won't be a big issue. These are not refurbished...they're brand new. I will definitely update with my results though when they get here next week! :) LOVE that cash back guarantee!!

Robyn Neice

May 10, 201312:44 pm

Quick Question - have you actually used their ink to print coupons yet? I'm asking because I bought some ink a few months ago from an online discount ink place and none of my printable coupons would scan at the store anymore!! I switched back to name brand ink and had no more problems. It must just not be as sharp or clear or something :-( I still use discount ink for color printing, but I'm leery about using it for black printing due to my previous experience.