Mystery solved!! This is a BRAND new Catalina that started 6/1. Dates have been updated below. 🙂 (thanks Robin!)

This Oscar Mayer Catalina was not supposed to be printing at Kroger (according to The Coupon Network), but several of you have confirmed that it was generating on the Oscar Mayer Bologna that is just $1 this week at Kroger. I ran into Kroger tonight and sure enough…received a Catalina as well! 🙂 After the Catalina your bologna is ONLY $0.20 per pack!! STOCKUP PRICE!!

6/1 – 7/3 | Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat (6 oz+)
Buy (3) = $2.00 OYNO
Buy (4) = $3.00 OYNO
Buy (5) = $4.00 OYNO


Deal Scenario:
Buy (5) Oscar Mayer Bologna (12 oz) – $1.00 each (thru 6/8)
Pay $5.00, get back $4.00 OYNO (thru 6/16)
Final cost is $0.20 each!

I also apparently had a “$1 off Beef Pork” ecoupon that came off automatically, so mine were free. I cannot find this digital coupon anywhere and I’m honestly not sure what it was even supposed to be for, but maybe you loaded it as well!? I’ll have to see what coupon shows up in my “redeemed” coupons in a day or so.

And remember, Kroger Catalinas almost ALWAYS (99.9% of the time) roll! 🙂 Read more about Catalinas here.

(thanks Kendall, Samantha & Maronda)

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I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.

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June 7, 201304:39 pm

It worked here in dalton ga


June 5, 201308:21 am

Are the Catalinas still being spitted out as of June 5th? DOes this work in SOuthern California?

Lady Madonna

June 4, 201307:02 pm

I have been getting the Thick Cut Bologna and have been getting the CATS no problems here in Cincinnati, OH :)


June 4, 201312:46 am

I Noticed that there is also OM lunch meats like hame or turkey in pakets for 10/$ these also generate catalinas?


June 3, 201306:29 pm

I did it a few hours ago and it worked in southern IL


June 3, 201301:37 pm

I did the deal yesterday here in Metro Atlanta and it worked. Went back today only to find out the price tag was removed and the catalina no longer prints :(


June 2, 201309:48 pm

Tried again today and worked in KY.


June 2, 201308:11 pm

Just worked for me in WInchester, Ky. Thank-You


June 2, 201307:54 pm

I just tried it in Nashville, Illinois and it worked like a charm;-)

Save. lot

June 2, 201307:33 pm

Did today in GA, works

beth lynn

June 2, 201305:23 pm

Just worked for me in NC! Thanks! :)


June 2, 201304:33 pm

Did this today in Cheyenne WY and it is working awesome here!!! Didn't have any problems at all :)


June 2, 201304:27 pm

Did this at my Kroger in Arkansas and it worked like a charm! :) Hubby was very excited about his new supply of fried bologna sandwiches (lol)!


June 2, 201303:49 pm

Tried this today at my Kroger in Kansas and it did not work


June 2, 201302:55 pm

Just tried this at my central Indiana Kroger store and it did NOT work.


June 2, 201301:54 pm

Do you know if this sale 10/$10 will still be running on the 06/02/13 sale ad?


June 2, 201301:47 pm

My Kroger is in VA (Mid-Atlantic region), and I did this deal today. It worked! I bought 5 of the Oscar Meyer Thick cut bologna ($1.00 each), and got back a $4.00 cat!

Mary C

June 2, 201312:47 pm

I have a Food4Less in the chicago area. It is a kroger company. This week it has bar s bologna on sale for 10/$10. Do you know if there is a catalina printing for it?


June 2, 201307:37 pm

Mary C - this ones seems to be printing Nationwide. :)


June 2, 201311:49 am

Colleen, I also tried that a couple weeks ago and it was a no-go in NW OH.


June 2, 201311:48 am

Thank you Vera!


June 2, 201310:54 am

I tried this earlier in the week-did not work for me in KY.


June 2, 201310:12 am

Has anybody tried to see if this is working on the Oscar Mayer small lunch meat packages? I know this time last year the catalina worked on them.


June 2, 201302:17 am

We just bought a package of Kroger chicken drumsticks tonight and our $1 Kroger Digital Coupon came off as well. Pretty sure it was not for this item but it took off anyways.


June 2, 201312:30 am

Thank you! I got just two the other day. Now I know to get 5 for the best deal. There are some great catalina deals running right now.


June 1, 201311:55 pm

Your sure can freeze bologna!


June 1, 201311:53 pm

Can you freeze bologna?