Select Your Deal

Kroger is once again offering the Select Your Deal Kroger Digital offers to load to your card for the current “Great Big Savings Event” sale! You can ONLY CHOOSE ONE! If you don’t like the offers you see, refresh your page and you’ll be offered new ones.

Select Your Deal

Here are the coupons I see available (wish we could choose more than one – GAHH, they’re so good!)

  • $1.50/1 Dove Hair Care
  • $2/1 Clear Hair Care
  • $1.50/1 Magnum Ice Cream Bars
  • $1.50/1 Breyer’s Ice Cream
  • $1.50/1 Klondike Bars
  • $1.50/1 Hellmann’s or Best Foods

Let us know in the comments what you chose!

The last time they offered these, it was a ONE DAY ONLY promo, so don’t dilly dally! 🙂 I WAS ABLE TO LOAD ANOTHER COUPON ON FRIDAY!


(thanks Jenny & Heather!)

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July 18, 201310:39 pm

How do I refresh options? I wanted to choose something else.


July 19, 201311:06 am

Just refresh your page. It will change every time you refresh it.


July 18, 201310:04 pm

I got the Breyer's coupon....makes a half gallon ice cream $.50!


July 18, 201308:50 pm

I did this yesterday and loaded $1.50 Breyer's coupon, up for 50¢ today!!! This morning, it let me do it AGAIN and I got $1.50 off Magnum bars. These are on sale for $2.99. Not sure how long this will last, but I know it has worked 2 days in a row for me:)

Nicole G

July 18, 201301:24 pm

If you refresh the options change! I wanted Dove and refreshed a few times until it came up.


July 18, 201303:39 pm

How so I refresh the options change!


July 19, 201311:05 am

Refresh your page. It will change every time you refresh it.


July 18, 201312:14 pm

I only see 3 to choose from:( was hoping for breyers, but not an option.


July 18, 201311:43 am

I downloaded the Klondike $1.50 off of one Ice Cream because I haven't seen a coupon 4 these in a while. All the offers are tempting. But I LOVE my Klondike bars. :D Thank YOU!!


July 18, 201311:29 am

breyers since i seen the sale this week is 2/4 gives me .50 for one tub of delicious ice cream :) thank you


July 18, 201311:19 am

My clear hair says $2 off of 1 .... so to get the $2 off you should only have to buy one. Just pick up 2 when you go for the free one! One will be free the other will be $2 off


July 18, 201310:27 am

I downloaded the $1.50/1 Klondike. I love me some Klondike :) It's one of the few sweets that my son won't take.


July 18, 201310:06 am

IN --Breyers is 2/$4 this week!


July 18, 201309:55 am

I downloaded the coupon for Breyer's Ice Cream because I have not seen one in a very long time. Waiting for a good sale. Thank you!


July 18, 201309:38 am

Thank you! Loaded the Breyer's because ice cream is always good. Are we going to see a sale on these items possibly?


July 18, 201309:08 am

Maybe a dumb question but I am new to couponing... I got the $2/1 Clear Hair care coupon this morning. But you have to by 2 Clear Hair care products. The Free Friday download is also a Clear Hair care product. So if I grab 2 at the store, can I use both coupons? I wasn't sure if this new one would work since I am getting the other for free, but thought maybe it would since I technically have 2 separate coupons.


July 18, 201309:53 am

Samantha, why do you have to buy 2 Clear Hair Care products? If you have $2/1 and the Free one tomorrow, those will each attach to one product.


July 18, 201309:08 am

I picked the Dove coupon. Do you think it would work on the men's shampoo? (I looked at the coupon once I loaded it and it doesn't say anywhere that it excludes the men's care line like the recent $1 coupons did.) I really need to get my husband shampoo and this would make the catalina deal nicer :)