Hope everyone is enjoying the newest features I added to! My goal is to make things as user friendly as possible, so hopefully these new additions will prove to be helpful. Here is a brief tour…

Kroger Krazy

First of all, in my header you will find how to contact me as well as all the many ways to follow me whether it be EmailFacebookTwitterPinterestRSS or Google+. I also added a handy dandy Amazon shortcut up there just in case you love Amazon as much as I do. 🙂

Kroger Krazy

Directly under my header you will find my navigation menu. This should have pretty much anything you are looking for. Some of them are drop down menus so feel free to explore those.

:: Kroger Ad Matchups

Here you will find the entire weekly Kroger ad coupon matchup. The current week will always be first, but if your sale cycle runs later than mine you can just keep scrolling and the previous week’s matchups will be next in line. I never get rid of them.

:: Unadvertised Deals

All deals that I post that were not in the weekly ad will appear here. The dropdown menu reveals the Unadvertised Kroger Deals MASTER list (where I put all of these individual posts) which gets fully updated every 2 weeks.

:: What’s FREE at Kroger

Self explanatory. 😉 If it’s FREE at Kroger, it shows up here. Again the dropdown menu reveals the MASTER list (where I put all of these individual posts) which gets fully updated every 2 weeks.

:: Kroger Closeouts

Anything with a white tag gets put in the Kroger Closeouts category. 😉

:: Kroger Catalinas

I post individual Catalina offers, deals, etc. in this category. The dropdown menu reveals the Master list where I list the details of every Kroger Catalina I know about. It also has a button that leads to the FAQ’s post I wrote that explains Kroger Catalinas in case you are new here.

:: Coupons

Here is where I put all of the shortlinks to the coupons sites. The dropdown and drop-OVER menu will reveal all of those lins. I know how much you guys love my page because it’s so much easier to use AND you can change your zip code, so that is still at the top under the Coupons tab (then printable coupons, then pull down I have a LARGE button on the right hand side bar that will take you directly there as well.

Here you will also find individual Kroger Digital coupons as well as deals that use them. The dropdown menu reveals the post I wrote explaining how digital coupons work and the rules associated with them.

:: Coupon Database

Looking for a coupon? Feel free to search my coupon database either by brand name or product and it will tell you where to find them. Also if you are wondering what coupon insert a coupon appears in, you can find that information here.

:: Couponing for Beginners

Here are several instructional posts I have written for those of you who are new to couponing. The dropdown menu will reveal Kroger News and Policy change type posts as well.

:: Kroger Family of Stores

Here you can find out what Kroger Region you are in.

If you notice when you scroll through my page these menu buttons will always remain at the top of your page!! 

Kroger Krazy

These next  boxes are my very favorite feature of this new design. These will always be available to you to get you where you want to go quickly. They feature 3 of my most popular items: The Kroger Must Do Deals, Newest Printable Coupons (along with any deal scenarios included), and the third box will change every week or so depending on what is happening at Kroger at the time. For example, if there is a Mega Event going on, I will have a shortlink to that full inclusions list for the entire promotion. Click the GREEN area to be directed to each item.

Search Kroger Krazy

The sidebar items are similar to what I had before, just more helpful tools to help you save money! The one thing I DO want to point out is the SEARCH feature located in the upper right of my sidebar. This is your friend. 🙂

Kroger Krazy

The footer – you can’t miss. Some of the best deals I post here on are submitted by my awesome readers – YOU! The entire footer is devoted to this purpose.

Do you have an awesome score or deal you’d like to share? Fill out the form below and please include as many details as possible. I don’t like to post deals without “photo proof”, so photos are definitely encouraged and can be emailed to couponkatarina at gmail dot com.

Please keep in mind that I receive dozens of deal submissions each day and submission of a deal does not guarantee that it will be published on Before sumbitting your deal, you may want to do a quick search to see if I already posted it.

A HUGE thanks to Laura with Pixel Me Designs for her help implementing these new design ideas!


Check current kroger weekly ad and other weekly ads.

Love our readers
I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.
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July 12, 201309:30 am

Whew. I am SO glad you posted this. I've only been following you for a few months, just as I was navigating through your website like a pro...BOOM...changes. I don't mind them, I can adapt - but for a minute I thought it was my computer acting wonky. Thanks for continuing to educate us and help us along as we learn together. Rock on!


July 11, 201308:15 am

I like your new website but all the 'movie ads' make the website run really slow for me, which sucks because your site used to be really easy/quick to use without flashing ads and everything. But I know with more traffic you need ads to cover the site costs. I too really hope a mobile version will come out!


July 11, 201309:40 am

Hi h, None of the ads are any different from what I used to have. Has it always been slow loading for you?


July 10, 201311:08 pm

I like the new layout. Since im usually on mobile, hopefully a mobile version will come soon.


July 11, 201309:39 am

Hi Maria, YES! That is definitely in the works! :)


July 10, 201309:53 pm

Hi! I love your site, but with the new layout, I can't seem to find the drop down menu option you used to have that let us see coupons for different zip codes. I loved that layout and always used it instead of going to directly. Did you remove it from the site, or is it just in a different spot that I can't seem to find? I hope it's not gone. Thanks!


July 11, 201309:38 am

Hi LeAnn, Yes - that menu item was removed to make room for others. But I have always had a HUGE image button on the sidebar that will take you there as well. It says "print zip specific coupons from". That will take you there as well. :) You also might want to bookmark that page on your computer. Here is the link:


July 11, 201311:26 am

Ok, I didn't realize how many of you used I just added it back in. Look under COUPONS. :)


July 11, 201310:36 pm

Thanks, Katie!!!

Kim Johnson

July 10, 201309:29 pm

Got my Safeguard today. Thanks!


July 11, 201309:40 am

Kim, GREAT! :)