pick up the values

Ok everyone, I wanted to update you on the Pick Up The Values Buy 5, Save $5 digital promo going on at Kroger right now. We tested this deal out this morning and here’s what I know:

Pick Up The Values

  • Load your $5 coupon HERE. It will automatically come off as $1 per item when you purchase 5 participating items (mix & match). The coupon stated that is was limit 1 per transaction, but it’s been tested up to 25 in ONE TRANSACTION and each item received the $1 off savings, so LIMIT 5 rewards!! Once you use it, you LOSE it. So be sure to get 25 in one transaction if that’s what you want. (thanks Edie & Jason!)
  • Most of the prices I have listed run for 2 weeks (thru 9/28 – dates run with your sale cycle), but the coupon is available to use through 10/2. Just make sure you have it loaded up!
  • You CAN use manufacturer paper coupons in addition to the $5 savings.
    (the $5 digital coupon does NOT attach to any single item…it is merely a promo for purchasing participating products. You will see $1 off EACH item on your receipt much like a mega event.)
  • You CAN use additional digital coupons loaded to your card for a specific item and STILL receive the $5 promo.

Pick Up The Values

Kroger decided not to TAG the participating items, but I have done my best to list them based on the form they provided HERE and also what was advertised in the weekly ad. This list is a work in progress and I will be updating when I get more details on pricing/sizes.

Love our readers
I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.

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September 29, 201308:48 am

Don't load 2nd deal until you use first one. I got 30 items not knowing there was a limit. So it use my second deal for the extra 5 items :( And no one at my kroger knew their was limit


September 28, 201310:55 am

Does any one know if the El Montery Tasquitos or Mini chimis coupon can be can used in conjuction with kroger ecoupon FREE El Monterey® Breakfast Burrito When you buy ONE (1) El Monterey® Breakfast Burrito (5oz.) get a SECOND FREE El Monterey® Breakfast Burrito.


September 26, 201305:41 pm

i have 5 coupons for huggies wipes insert 9/22 and i have 5 more printables can i get 10 huggies wipes and get 1 off on each one???


September 26, 201303:23 pm

I went today to get 25 items for my grandma on her card. It only let me get 5. On my card i had got 25 items twice.


September 25, 201304:38 pm

Regarding the "Pick up the Values" event $5 off 5 e-coupons. Wanted to let you know that the first e-coupon that expires on 10-2 did not have a limit, so I bought 25 items and received $1 off each item for a total of $25. The second e-coupon that expires on 10-13 DOES have a limit specified as "Limit one per household. Limit one per transaction." so I could only get 5 items with $1 off each item.


September 25, 201308:10 pm

I checked my first pick up the values coupon and it says the same thing as the second coupon. Limit one per household, limit one per transaction. I don't think it will work for me now. Maybe I waited to long to use it.


September 26, 201309:08 am

They may have revised it after all us k-krazies showed up! I know Fremont's shelves were bare!


September 26, 201309:14 am

Limit of one coupon per item. Digital coupons and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item. THEY ADDED THIS, TOO!


September 25, 201304:43 pm

I found this out the hard way after purchasing 25 items for the second e-coupon. Went to customer service and after 1/2-hour of trying to figure this out, it was concluded that the second coupon was "Limit one per household. Limit one per transaction." I then put my items on the counter to return them, and the Fremont store manager ended up giving me $20 back, so it was a win for win for me. I guess they didn't want the hassle of returning 25 items!


September 25, 201301:37 pm

not working for me....could only get 5.


September 25, 201311:42 am

I haven't used my first pick up the values coupon yet. Is that one still working on 25 items?


September 25, 201304:45 pm

The first one worked for 25


September 25, 201310:42 am

Katie, how would I find out if the Kleenex catalina was pulled, several friends bought Kleenex last night and nothing printed with the machines working fine. Also has anyone tested the second coupon to see if it is working on more than 5 items? Thanks, Elizabeth


September 25, 201304:44 pm

The second one only works for 5 items


September 24, 201304:51 pm

WARNING ALL!!! I went to my Kroger here in Little Rock, Arkansas after loading the new Pick up the Values coupon assuming I could buy 25 items like last time and boy was I shocked when the total came to 60.00 when I thought it should be more like 40.00! I may actually be returning to throw a fit and either get that $20 back or return 20 things... grrrrr!!!!! ymmv, but... fair warning!!! I think they changed the deal! UGHHH Anyone have better luck lately? I was still on last week's ad, since ours runs through Tuesday here.


September 24, 201309:49 am

The Speedstick deal works, as well as small pack 24 ct. Of Poise liners, plus got a $1.00 Catalina! However, it only worked on 15 items.


September 24, 201309:13 am

Can you get multiple Klenex Catalina's from one Transaction. Like If I buy most of my $25 in Kleenex should I expect to get at least 3 $2 catalina's? That would be buying 7 Kleenex three times - if you buy 7 Kleenex you get $2 Catalina.


September 23, 201311:27 pm

The $5 off 5 does not work on the $1 liners, but the catalina does print.


September 23, 201305:46 pm

So I could buy 5 of the liners for $5 then use the $5 off 5 coupon which would make them free right?


September 23, 201305:40 pm

Kim-It is working on the liners too. Maria-It will just be $1 each so you do not have to buy all 10.


September 23, 201305:28 pm

Does anyone know if this is good for all Kotex Balance products or just the ones that are $3. Was thinking this could be a money maker on the Kotex Balance panty liners that are 10/$10.


September 23, 201305:05 pm

If I buy 5 Kotex liners would they each be $1 or do you have to get 10 since they are 10/$10?


September 23, 201301:21 pm

What do I do if the pick up the values ecoupon didn't work for me? What did I do wrong? I bought: 2 U by Kotex liners 2 Kotex Natural balance pads 1 Softsoap bodywash The ecoupon is still showing in my coupon list and didn't take $5 off my order.


September 25, 201310:01 am

the $1 liners do not work on the $5/5 so if thats the ones you got then that would be why!


September 23, 201311:48 am

Just so I understand a little better...I can use the 5 off of 5 digital coupon on up to 25 items and at the end it will take off 25 dollars if I bought 25 items on the list?

Nicole G

September 23, 201310:13 am

In the delta region, paper coupons scanned just fine combined with this. Got some great deals!


September 22, 201306:58 pm

I just bought 6 tissues and the catalina did not print


September 21, 201310:19 pm

This coupon is confusing to me. So I could technically by 5 Colgate toothpaste, 5 Colgate toothbrushes, 5 Lady Speed Stick, 5 Softsoap, and 5 Huggies Wipes and the loaded coupon will take $1 off each of these? Then subtract manufacture newspaper coupons coming out tomorrow and all of that could be $2.50 oop? My store still doubles so the .50/1 tp, .50/1 toothbrush, .50/1 deodorant, .75/1 softsoap and .50/1 wipes... I am worried to try this and it not work...


September 21, 201312:00 pm

I bought 6 kleenex but no catalina printed. I am in atlanta, georgia.

Lisa Clark

September 21, 201311:14 am

I went to Krogers this morning and the $5 off didn't work for my Krogers, luckily I coupons to get the toothpaste for free. I had two Colgate toothpaste, 1 Mennen Speed Stick, 1 Pull-ups Flushable wipes and 1 Palmolive Dishwashing detergent. I am located in KY


September 21, 201310:09 am

I used my pick up value digital Friday, but it did not disappear, anyone else still have it loaded?


September 20, 201303:12 pm

I have a question about the printable coupons. I went to the pick up your values page and shared it to get the higher value coupons....when it came up to print it gave me the option to choose how many prints I wanted, like a PDF....is this how it was for everyone else? If so, can't you print 10 and use 10? Please let me know, I was surprised by this and am hoping that I can use that many! Thanks!


September 19, 201308:30 pm

I can't load the digital savings...when I click the link it just keeps saying "Sorry We are experiencing some temporary technical difficulties. Please check back later."


September 19, 201302:24 pm

If i buy 6 u by kotek...will i receive 2 cats?? Or its only 1 cat for purchase..thank you :)


September 20, 201308:25 am

You only get one cat per transaction so if you want more have your hubby/friend get his own card.. But you can do 25 items so use the coupon up to five times in one transaction of you want.


September 23, 201311:48 am

Ok am I clear that I can purchase 25 of the kimberly clark products in one transaction and I will get $1.00 off each item? I can shop in Wheeling, wv this week that uses the coloumbus area sale or I live in Morgantown, wv that uses the mid-atlantic area. want to make sure I do this right! The Wheeling area still doubles coupons. Can you tell me which region the 25 items purchase is working.


September 20, 201308:10 am

Bianca, that Catalina is limit 1 reward per transaction. :(


September 19, 201304:35 pm

I am wondering the same thing? Thanks


September 18, 201309:42 pm

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it! I have 4 coupons for the crest mouthwash. My sale price is listed in the ad as $2.99. So, I use 4 coupons ($2 each) and add another item to make it $5. Does the total price for the mouthwash end up at $.99 or free after the $5 off?? I am so confused :( Thanks for any and all help offered!


September 18, 201310:04 pm

The mouthwash would be free in this scenario. Mouthwash is $2.99. Minus $2 coupon makes it .99... once the $5 deal comes off it takes off another $1 per item, making your mouthwash -.01 :)


September 18, 201310:32 pm

Oh, thank you so much Kelly! I appreciate your reply so very much!


September 19, 201310:31 am

Rosie - the price in RED under that scenario shows that they are free after the digital savings.


September 18, 201309:26 pm

I can't locate the Irish Spring printable, have tried multiple zip codes... can anyone offer help?


September 18, 201302:49 pm

Thank you so much for posting these deals! I was running low on my baby wipes supply and just went yesterday to try this deal out with Huggies wipes and it worked perfectly! If you have trouble finding the Huggies wipes coupon, try another browser. You can print twice per browser and also from your iPhone etc...that's how I get so many duplicate coupons! Also as others said, you have to share in order to find the Huggies $.50/1 wipes. So I got 5 packages of wipes for FREE and also diapers for really good prices! My Huggies diapers were $9.33, I used 5 $2.50/1 diapers coupons and got the extra dollar off each from the digital Buy 5 save 5 coupon. Good deals!


September 18, 201303:46 pm

My wipes coupons say do not double?? So confused


September 18, 201303:59 pm

I was worried about that too. But sure enough as long as your Kroger store doubles, your wipes are $1.99, you loaded the 5 when you buy 5 digital coupon and have 5 $.50/1 coupons it all works out perfectly and you'll get the free wipes!


September 23, 201310:13 am

thx for your explanation--this let me know it wouldn't work at my store since they don't double--saving me time and frustration trying to do this deal.


September 18, 201302:04 pm

its back up


September 18, 201301:16 am

oh no. the sites down. i'm going to cry if it doesn't come back up! lol


September 17, 201310:32 pm

Wouldn't the U by Kotex pads be 50 cents each after coupon, catalina, and $5 discount? $3.99x2=$7.98 $7.98-$3 (2 $1.50 Q's)=$4.98 $4.98-$2 PUTV savings=$2.98 $2.98-$2 cat=98 cents for 2 ?


September 17, 201311:25 pm

she didn't use the 1.50 coupon that you get when you share but yes $1 for two!


September 17, 201309:35 pm

The 50 cents Huggies wipes coupon is STILL AVAILABLE!:) You only are allowed to access the link one time per computerr before it disappears.


September 17, 201305:50 pm

I hate it that Kroger has made their sales so difficult. I don't mind counting items (although I'd prefer to not have to), but to have to count items and download a digital coupon that can only be used once on a two week sale...well, it's getting ridiculous. Plus, my region stops doubling coupons this week. I'm not very happy with Kroger right now.


September 17, 201302:58 pm

Has anyone tried the SpeedStick deal? Because if you click on the list of included products, that one is not actually on there...Just curious before I try it!


September 17, 201302:19 pm

I did the 6 Kleenex today and got the Catalina coupon. . .also the one for buying Kotex.


September 21, 201309:28 am

At 23 Mile Kroger in Michigan our Kleenex with Lotion was on sale for $1.79 per box both 75 count and 120 count. I got $10.00 off plus used $0.50/3 which doubled at my store and received a $2.00 Catalina Coupon. This was the only item I needed to stock up on - flu & sinus season is in full swing around here:) Thanks for posting this GREAT freebie & money maker!! WooHoo!!


September 21, 201309:36 am

OOOPS! NOT A FREEBIE OR MONEY MAKER! Sorry I don't mean to confuse anyone. I actually paid $5.48 for 12 boxes of Kleenex, so $0.47 a box - What a BARGAIN! Again, really sorry for the confusion folks!


September 17, 201302:01 pm

I bought 5 Kleenex and did not get Catalina - this was Sunday. Anyone else having problems?


September 21, 201310:23 am

i bought 7 box kleenex yesterday and did not got catalina coupon i am at middlesboro ky


September 17, 201311:29 am

This is probably a silly question, but does this work on Huggies Pull-up flushable wipes? I know it says it's good on Pull-up Training Pants and Huggies Wipes, so I was wondering if it would work on the Pull-up flushable wipes as well....


September 17, 201310:51 am

Tina, where did you find the $3 off Kotex coupons?


September 17, 201301:17 am

I just got back from a midnight shopping trip at Kroger and it DID work as well for me on 25 items. And I got some great deals! The 8oz Colgate mouthwash was on sale for 2.99, I used five 2.00 off coupons plus the 1.00 off each one made them all free! As well I made a little money buying 2 of the U kotex and 2 of the kotex tampons using 4 3.00 off coupons making them 99 cents and then the 1.00 off from the sale made them all free and then I got a catalina back for 2.50 making them 2.50mm! I did the Kleenex deal as well but didn't get the catalina back for that one so I'll have to check on that one tomorrow.


September 17, 201301:25 am

that site wont give me the option to share :(


September 17, 201301:38 am

Really? I just shared it to twitter which I use 100% for junk and had no problems :S


September 17, 201303:53 am

yeah i did it myself and it didn't work, was there like a link or something?


September 17, 201311:36 pm

got it on a diff comp! thanks tina! where's the $3 off kotex come from?


September 17, 201312:24 am

The $0.50/1 Huggies Wipes coupon is still there for me :)


September 17, 201301:09 am

it's not there for me. not the REGULAR baby wipes anyways just the others. :(


September 16, 201311:57 pm

So, can I get 25 pcs of palmolive dish soap? since I can used 5 rewards in one transaction. Thanks!


September 17, 201310:34 am

Can you buy 25 of the same item (ex. Palmolive Soap) and get a digital coupon deal for all of them? Has anyone tried it all on one item and gotten the discount?


September 16, 201311:49 pm

Are there any other items that are on both the Pick up the Value offer and the Mega Sale? Like Palomolive dish soap?

Not at Liberty

September 16, 201311:42 pm

Just an FYI staring Sunday of next week Kroger will be running a special on they're higher end Private Selection items. The idea we came up woth was buy 4 PS items save $4! This will give our mainstream and value customers to try the higher quality items at a great price. For those who lime thr PS yogurt it will run $1.39 in most price points so u buy 4 u get them for .39 cents a piece. Hope u all get to try some other products while ur there. If we're out on the shelf get yourself a rain check. Happy Shopping!!!


September 16, 201311:40 pm

Does anyone know if I can use the digital q (buy 5 get $5 off) + digital q on a specific item + paper q on the same specific item? Example: buy 5 u by Kotex liners $3.99 $2.99 after digital q (pick up the value q) $1.99 after digital q on specific item $.49./99 after paper q I know #1 works with #2 and #3, but does #2 work with #3? Digital coupons and paper usually don't, but it seems like in this case it might.... Am I too confusing?


September 17, 201308:01 am

Lisa, no...both the digital coupon and the paper coupon are Manufacturer coupons, so you can't use 2 coupons on one item.


September 17, 201311:04 am

Thanks Katie, it makes total sense if the digital is a manufacturer coupon (which I did not know :). Thank you so much. I just need to find the best Q then. I appreciate your help!!! Lisa


September 16, 201311:25 pm

Went to king and got the dish soap for 59 cents. The buy 5 save 5 and the digital coupon work together so you ate really saving $10 when you use both!!


September 16, 201311:13 pm

Just so i understand, we have 2wks to use this digital q, we can use it 1 time with up to 25 items but it is gone after 1 use?


September 17, 201308:02 am

Kim, yes...once you use it, it's gone...so do it all in one transaction.


September 16, 201311:11 pm

Maybe she is still shopping the mega and between the mega and this digital q, it took off $2 each. That's my best guess.


September 16, 201307:36 pm

Does anyone know if this works with the mega? Our mega event runs until Tuesday, and if those savings combine, that would be a sweet deal on the Palmolive dish soap.


September 16, 201307:52 pm

I'm interested to find this out as well. Our mega event runs through Wednesday.


September 16, 201308:12 pm

It sure does work!! I went to my local Kroger's affiliate today and got 5 Palmolive 25 oz dish soaps for $0.59 each! Regularly $2.59, with the buy 5 save $5 they were $1.59. Then with this digital coupon it took off an extra $5--scored the pretty, big bottles for $0.59 each!:) Made me so happy so I downloaded it onto my husband's card, too, to get another five:) Happy coupon shopping!


September 16, 201311:02 pm

I don't understand Tanynia's deal, how she can get $0.59 each for Reg price $2.59 dish soap? I think "buy 5 save $5" and "save an extra $5 with the digital coupon" is one deal, Am I wrong ?


September 17, 201311:05 am

Sorry Lily! Karissa's absolutely right my mega sale ends tonight! But there are SO MANY good buys, and since it's not a digital coupon that attaches to any one item, you can combine paper coupons for an even better deal! If you don't have coupons it's still a great deal! For instance there is some Colgate toothpaste at my store for $1. This digital coupon covers all Colgate items so I can get 25 toothpastes for free if I wanted! Lots of good deals! Take advantage!:)


September 17, 201312:13 am

yeah they over lapped because her mega sale must run through today.


September 16, 201308:48 pm

Thanks for the update!


September 16, 201306:40 pm

There are great coupons to print from the pick your values site. If you "share" the coupons they will be a higher value, the one for the Kotex U is a Money Maker. There is a .50/1 MQ on the Huggies wipes and a $2.50/1 MQ on Huggies diapers, and a $1/3 Kleenex or one bundle pack!


September 17, 201312:11 am



September 17, 201303:38 am

www.pickyourvalues.com it is the site that the coupon suggests you go to for more info on what the coupon will apply towards.


September 16, 201305:37 pm

Will the $2 off Kotex Kroger digital work as well?


September 16, 201305:24 pm

When I go into printable huggies $.50q, it's not there :( there's a bunch of others but that obe specifically is missing. Does it delete once there's been a certain amount of prints by others? Ty


September 16, 201304:12 pm

Has anyone else tried this with more then 5 items? Edie, where did you try the 25 items at?


September 17, 201308:11 pm

I got 10 items today, used paper q's, e'coupons and the $5/5. No problem. I am in Kentucky.


September 24, 201303:20 pm

Where at in ky do you live I'm in ky also


September 17, 201304:41 pm

I tried it today. I bought 5 Huggies wipes, 4 packs of Huggies diapers, and 1 pack of Scott Extra Soft bathroom tissue. The coupon worked for all of my items, and I had no problem using paper coupons as well.


September 16, 201303:56 pm

Thank you for your hard work !!!! you are fantastic :)


September 16, 201302:59 pm

I just read the "more" part on the digital Q and it stated you can not combine with digital or paper Q's. I am a little scared to try this one!!


September 16, 201303:15 pm

Melissa, that is the standard fine print on every digital coupon. But this promo is not attached to any particular item. As you can see above in the receipt picture, the coupons came off just fine (no beeps) and even THEIR digital coupon came off, so it's fine.

Jennifer B.

September 16, 201302:42 pm

Thanks for this! I have a question about Colgate, though. The list I accessed states only Colgate mouthwash and the photo only shows the mouthwash -- not the toothpaste. Does it actually work on toothpaste, do you know?


September 16, 201303:11 pm

Hi Jennifer, The Colgate Toothpaste was advertised in my ad. Not sure why it's not on the inclusions list.


September 17, 201311:17 am

I'm curious about this, too. Mine said ALL Colgate items?? Because my store has $1 toothpaste I wanted to get for free lol


September 16, 201301:54 pm

Huh. That's interesting. So it's basically a mega sale deal but instead $5 being taken off at the register automatically you have to load a one time coupon to do it. I don't think I like it being one-time though :(


September 26, 201302:02 pm

There is 2 available $5 pick up the value coupons. One expires 10/2 and the other one 10/13. I loaded the one that expires 10/2 first then loaded the 10/13 after I used the first one.

G'town Reader

September 16, 201305:11 pm

Yes. BUT...totally unfair & discriminatory to some senior citizens, low income folks, & even to shoppers who hardly have time to shop, much less to be loading eCoupons in advance of shopping. When they offered weekend double gas points, their ad contained a paper Q for those unable to download.


September 17, 201310:49 am

I couldn't agree w. G'town Reader More! These sales are not only cramping my coupon style my grandparents cannot use ANY of these sales. It makes me have to do double the work couponing b/c I have to load cards and make special trips to meet them at store... Kroger is on the verge of losing all my business because corporate greed is no way to maintain customers.